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Rocketship Education Is Building An Ecosystem For Quality Education

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006, and they opened their first school in 2007 and continue to open more schools today. The first school was opened in San Jose, California. The students did so well on their assessment tests that Rocketship opened more schools in San Jose area. In 2013, Rocketship expanded into Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By 2016, Rocketship had expanded into other areas that include Nashville, Tennesse, and Washington, DC.

The purpose of Rocketship

Rocketship’s mission is very simple. They want to abolish the educational gap. They set out to do this when it became noticeable that the young children in San Jose were having problems getting the quality of education that they deserved. There were many factors contributing to this problem, but nevertheless, it was a problem that needed to be solved. Thanks to community support, Rocketship opened its first school.

How are they different

They are different from a regular public school in many ways. Rocketship schools rely heavily on parental involvement. They believe that learning begins within the home. To strengthen the home and school relationship, teachers will actually visit the homes of their students. They take time to understand the family dynamics and help to provide parents with any resources that they need to help their children succeed. The involvement with parents does not stop there. Parents are encouraged to get involved with the school as much as possible from participating in school events to interviewing future teachers. Some schools have computer labs that the parents can use as a resource to them.

The daily structure

Unlike public schools, Rocketship schools they have four blocks of content that they go through each day. These blocks are Humanities, STEM, Learning Lab, and Enrichment. This allows schools to pick teachers who are strong in humanities or in STEM. Their goal is to educate the whole child. Children develop critical thinking skills, character skills, and learn how to work together. According to Rocketship, every child has the potential to be something great and within this structure, they can thrive.

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