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Rocketship Education Is A Bright New Light in the Wilderness

Rocketship Education just might be the new model for elementary schools. Rocketship Education is a non-profit public charter school system that specializes in elementary education. Founded in 2006, Rocketship has placed school learning centers in numerous economically challenged communities.

In many of these communities the tax base is very small or non-existent which leaves very little to nothing that is available for schools to be built and funded. This is a terrible situation for children in these areas because they get short-changed. An educational gap is created which can never be replaced by these children, unless something extraordinary occurs.

Rocketship Education is that something for many of these communities. Once communities, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other caring adults understand what Rocketship does they become very enthusiastic.

When Rocketship Education comes into an area they work very hard to win over the community, parents, and other community leaders, and it is not difficult given the track record of Rocketship Education. It is astonishing to see the track record of Rocketship Education and when people really examine that, they are won to the cause.

Rocketship Education students (called Rocketeer) are ready for graduation a full year ahead of their peers who are attending public schools. For those who go on to middle school, which roughly 91 percent do, the Rocketeers do better in school, are more adapted to scholastic activities, do better on tests, and are more mature socially and academically, according to studies.

Rocketship Education believes that each student has an unbelievable amount of potential, but they will never be able to use it until they are taught how to unlock it. In essence, the students need to be taught how to learn.

Rocketship has a plan mapped out for each child with benchmarks that are attainable by specific paths of study and learning. Utilizing small groups, digital learning labs, and individual tutoring, the students learn how to accomplish their goals.

Rocketship Education is very positive, fun, and full of good times, and the constant encouragement that the students receive from the expert instructors, helpers, parents, and the staff is a great motivator for the students. That is why the results are so good because they just work.

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