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Rephrase and Replace

Often while we’re enhancing, we come across sentences that we can revise in numerous methods. while we can’t without problems pick out a specific revision, we hire a method we call R & R, which stands for “Rephrase and replace.”


Rephrasing the sentence is creating a new sentence that follows the identical sentence structure because the unique and that incorporates the identical intricate words. We do this in order that we will examine the structure and phrase desire in a less complicated, easier to recognize sentence.


as an example, we had been currently revising a sentence and came up with options. choice one changed into “The e-book is brave as it rips through the veils of illusion.” option two changed into “The ebook is fearless. It rips via the veils of phantasm.” We had been having a tough time finding out which option we desired. the primary purpose we have been having a hard time deciding is that the context of the sentence became unfamiliar to us.


We used the Rephrase a part of this method to rephrase every option, giving them a extra familiar context. the first choice is one long sentence with elements joined with the aid of the word “as”. We rephrased this as, “the man changed into fearless as he walked into his boss’s office,” because we desired to simplify the context. This proxy (i.e., substitute) sentence, like option one, is one long sentence with components joined via the word “as.” the second one alternative is quick sentences divided by using a duration. We rephrased this as, “the man became fearless. He walked into his boss’s workplace.” This proxy sentence, like alternative , is quick sentences divided by a duration.


whilst inspecting these proxy sentences, we observed that every one conveyed a barely special which means. the primary one appeared to signify fearlessness at some point of a particular occasion. the second one appeared to indicate a standard fearlessness, and, perhaps, an example of that fearlessness. We believe that the primary which means become extra consultant of the writer’s intention than the second.


This completed the rephrasing a part of this strategy.


changing method changing the words of the rephrased sentence with the applicable phrases from the unique sentence, at the same time as maintaining the equal sentence shape. as a result, we replaced the phrases “the person” with the words “The book,” and the phrases “he walked into his boss’s workplace” with the phrases “rips thru the veils of phantasm.”


Having used the Rephrase and replace strategy we have been capable of make our choice: “The book is brave because it rips thru the veils of illusion.”


when you edit your writing, see if the R & R method is beneficial to you. This simple approach has helped us revise unclear writing into smooth-to-apprehend writing. It has additionally helped us determine which potential revision, amongst numerous, will most correctly speak the writer’s meaning.

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