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Reinventing Employee Compensation with Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldstein founded his own boutique law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates in New York City. He specializes in employee compensation and has more than 15 years of legal expertise. He was an associate for Shearman & Sterling LLP and a partner for Wachtell, Lipton, Rose & Katz. He attended Cornell University and earned his bachelor’s in art history and the University of Chicago where he obtained his master’s in art history. He also attended the New York University School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate in Law.


Furthermore, Jeremy Goldstein offers his legal services to prominent companies, including Verizon, Chevron and AT&T. He has assisted Duke Energy and Merck with legal advice as well. He is affiliated with the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the American Bar Association Business Section and the Professional Advisory Board for the NYU Journal of Law and Business. He supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Fountain House. He cares about his community and is helping men and women that are recovering from mental health conditions.


Jeremy Goldstein talks about corporate governance in a blog titled “Jeremy Goldstein Explains How Knockout Options Help Employers.” This article is based on his presentation to the ACI Compensation Committee in 2016. In this blog, he explains the discontinuation of stock options to employees by employers. He examines the reasons why employers do not offer stocks anymore. He claims that decreasing stock values do not help employees with stocks and that they prefer higher wages instead. He also believes that stocks are additional work for companies and more expensive than increasing pay. He discusses the advantages of offering stocks to employees and believe they provide value.


Jeremy Goldstein claims that the knockout option is a plan that employers can implement to offer employees stocks. The knockout option will require the same investment terms and when the stock drops in value the employee can cancel it. This option will eliminate accounting and gives the company a better reputation due to lowered executive compensation figures. He wrote the “Shareholder Activism and Executive Compensation” where he examines compensation for company executives. He believes that companies should incorporate long-term performance strategies into determining pay. He thinks that companies should initiate standards that are proactive.


Jeremy Goldstein is a major contributor to employee compensation. He invents new employment strategies that have help companies retain employees and remain productive. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/JeremyGoldstein14/22nd-annual-naspp-presentation-2014


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