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QI Group chairman Vijay Eswaran excels in global networking strategies

Vijay Eswaran is a proponent of keeping quality talent. The best managers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, says the international entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of the QI Group. Successful leaders know how to step back, giving team members independence in function.

In his experience, ideas are never realized in a vacuum. Materialization requires collaboration amongst a diverse group of skilled professionals with varied proficiencies. Bringing ideas to life is plural, not singular. Isolation is the antithesis of follow-through. The process is never quite over without evaluation of varying perspectives.

Even before eBay, Amazon, Alibaba or JD, he dreamed of taking the concept of e-commerce global. Adding elements of both direct sales and multi level marketing enhanced his group’s growth potential.

Eswaran believes in the power for companies to disrupt the foundation of their respective industries. The QI Group of businesses began out the need for change at a crucial time in the trajectory for the future of digital retail. While competition may have been fierce, Eswaran takes pride in having pioneered business models for taking network marketing into the new digitally defined era where the power of tech yields competitive advantage. Through QI, whole new levels of thinking would be introduced.

Rational thought, according to the accomplished co-founder, should take precedence over emotional-based decision making. Consensus management or the grouping of different perspectives decreases the likelihood of irrational risks taking. When team members share their informed opinions on important matters, it creates a system of checks and balances; keeping members accountable and organizationally reliable. For Eswaran, self-control as well as discipline are habits that bring the greatest amount of productivity for any individual interacting in a group.

Above all else, and the most important piece of his entrepreneurial philosophy is the possession of devotion and commitment. Never giving up is the essential ingredient of achievement.

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