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Portland Trail Blazers Utilize New Brian Improvement Methods For Training

The Portland Trail Blazers will be utilizing a new training strategy for this year’s upcoming season. The team has partnered with nationally recognized neuroscience company Neurocore. Neurocore operates nine brain performance facilities throughout Florida and Michigan. It focuses on training the brain and bolstering mental acuity. Founded in 2004 the company has striven to aid patients suffering from a wide range of neurological disorders. It attempts to help individuals control their varying disorders without the need for medication. Since its founding it has actively sought solutions for ADHD, autism, stress, depression, and other various neurological conditions. Earlier this year it marked its first foray into the wide world of sports. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

The Trail Blazer’s “brain room” will be a key destination after the conclusion of a game or practice. The athletes will watch DVD’s for a period of thirty minutes. Neurocore’s patented pro device will be placed on their heads. Neurocore’s pro devices use low frequency waves to read the brains electrical activity. This is one of many examples of Neurocore’s use of neurofeedback that maps the activity of the brain using data driven practices like EEG or qEEG. The players have to remain focused on the DVDs the entire time they are in the room. If they become unfocused the devices will pick it up and the video will stop. It will remain stopped until they refocus. Neurocore backs up their neurofeedback with biofeedback, combining both physical and mental acuity to bolster the retraining of the brain. As the players will be visiting the room after a period of high physical activity, the time will be optimal for the best recovery.
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The system is geared to preform around two thousand reinforcements to the brain. This will allow high levels of recovery to be experience in the players. By optimizing the brain’s performance, the physical recovery of the players will increase. As an athlete’s daily schedule is very demanding on physicality, better training of the brain can be a key factor in enhancing cardiovascular, respiratory, and endocrine systems. The hope is that the training will lead to heightened performance on the ball court, and overly healthy players on the team. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

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