A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

Portland adoptive parents claim they were called to do this

Alden Maynards seemed somewhat like a normally boy when his foster parents met him. He couldn’t focus or pay attention. The Maynards felt his problems went beyond that. Despite seeing these issues, something stirred the people who would become Alden’s adoptive father and mother to take in the child as their foster son. They described it as being called to do it.

Alden and his parents arrived 3 years later in a family court. The child held helium balloons in his hand and did not seem to notice the judge sitting in the bench above him. The toddler may have vaguely comprehended that the impacts of this proceeding would effect his life, but he was more concerned about having fun than the adoption proceedings going on around him.

Even though the toddler may not have known the seriousness of what was going on around him, the Maynards did. They wanted to make sure the child remained a part of their life. At least they want him to remain a part of their life until adulthood. They want to make sure they do everything they can for the boy and the rest of their family.

The foster care of many states can cause children to live in many homes, especially in their teenage years, but this is usually not the case for children who are adopted. They keep close ties with their adoptive parents, even after they find out who their birth parents are.

Many parents who adopt children feel the same way. They are often called to adopt a particular child. It may or may not be for religious reasons. Regardless of why people adopt children, it is something that often takes a special breed of person.

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