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Police Officer Who Adopted Baby Will Be Invited To State of Union Address

Ryan Holets, who is a police officer in Washington D.C, made headlines back in 2017. He adopted a baby that was born to a drug-addicted homeless woman. He was invited to attend President Trump’s State of the Union Address, which will take place on January 30. Ryan is having a hard time processing this. He stated that he feels like he is in the twilight zone.

Ryan stated that he feels like it is his duty to help end drug addiction and poverty in this country. On September 23, 2017, Ryan was training a rookie officer. They had responded to a call about a convenience store robbery. Although it was a false alarm, they saw something that was serious.

Ryan noticed a woman shooting up heroin. She was eight months pregnant. He told the woman to stop because she was going to kill her baby. The woman, who is known as Champ, cried. She stated that her heroin usage was the only thing that she had control over.

Ryan stated that a voice told him to adopt the child. That is what he decided to do. Ryan and his wife Rebecca had wanted to adopt a child for a long time. Their daughter’s name is Hope. Not only did Ryan adopt the baby girl, but he also made sure that the parents were able to get into rehab. The parents checked into Mending Forces, which is a rehab center in Florida.

Ryan stated that he will be there for Hope’s birth parents if they need him. The White House stated that they hope that this adoption story will raise awareness about the opioid crisis in America.

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