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Paul Saunders on What Managers Can do to Prevent Burnout

Many young people considering work in venture capital may find themselves overwhelmed by this demanding line of work. For some, the reality of burnout is an inevitability, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are indicators that point to an employee under pressure falling into burnout. A manager who prides themselves on being attentive may spot those signs and help their employees before it’s too late. But as Founder and CEO of James River Capital, Paul Saunders, notes, those managers need to know what they’re looking for first. Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


Arguably the most common contributing factor to an employee feeling burnt out at work, is a schedule that is designed to be inflexible. Whether it happens by accident or is the product of design, a work schedule that doesn’t prioritize time management will leave employees feeling trapped at work and not in control of the day’s events.


Saunders’ suggestion for making sure employees are in control over how the day plays out is to set aside some time at the beginning of the day to establish a schedule that will outline their goals and how to reach them. This can increase productivity, as employees feel more in control of their daily success.


Equally serious are issues of communication between management and employees, or rather the lack of it. When employees aren’t being updated as to their performance or the general developments around the office, their expectations and reality may conflict. Employees could expect their career to advance along one track, expect their compensation to increase, or feel that there is more flexibility with regards to time off. When those expectations aren’t reflected within the workplace, certain employees may grow frustrated and their output may suffer.


For Saunders, the responsibility for miscommunication lies with the manager. By taking a leadership position, it’s the manager’s responsibility to make sure every employee knows where they stand in terms of performance and the development of their career, and everyone should be informed through workshops, meetings, and memos about what’s is and will be taking place around them in a timely fashion.


Taking the time to have these discussions can prevent some employees from leaving their positions unexpectedly and retain them for longer, while also training them to better expand the company down the road.


But some employees may be harder to reach, and being unaware of how a job might go can lead them to over-judge their performance. This can lead to a paralysis of sorts, where their productivity dives and the quality of their work suffers.


These employees need more personal communication, Saunders notes. Managers should better understand their career goals. With this information in hand they can set up small goals employees can meet and move on. This can incrementally rebuild confidence and restore them to previous productivity levels.


About Paul Saunders:


Paul Saunders if the Founder of James River Capital Corp. As Principal, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, he’s remained part of the leadership for over 20 years, managing financial products and services provided by all companies affiliated with James River Capital.

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