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“Paul Saunders’ Guide To Employee Burnout “

Work can be extremely stressful, especially when you’ve got a young family to look after or a hectic personal life. This can end up leading to burnout at work, which can be a significant issue for employers; after all, burnout affects their work and performance. But how can you figure out if your employees are suffering from burnout? Luckily Paul Sanders, a Principal at James River Capital has identified a few different ways that you can help an employee that is suffering from burnout.

The first of Paul Sanders’ ways to identify whether or not an employee is suffering from burnout is when there’s a lack of control in the business. If employees believe that there’s an inflexible schedule that they’ve no control over, then they’re more likely to suffer from burnout. The best way to tackle this is by ensuring that employees have a certain amount of control over their work schedules. Encourage them to take more control over their day to day schedules regularly.

This will give them more of a sense of control over their work and allow them time to relax to avoid burnout. Employees can sometimes feel a lack of confidence in their abilities, especially when they’ve got quite high targets to achieve. This lack of confidence can end up having a significant effect on their performance, either consciously or not, according to Paul Sanders. With that in mind, you’ll need to work with your employee to build back their confidence; this can be done by providing them with smaller and more achievable targets.

As they hit or even exceed these targets their confidence will grow and they’ll be performing as high as possible in no time. If there’s no transparency and communication from upper management, then employees can often feel left out if they’re looked over for the likes of a promotion. As Paul Sanders has said, this will end up stirring up negative emotions that may eventually lead to burnout.

With that in mind, it’s best to be communicative and transparent with employees; if you’re giving a promotion to one person over another, it’s best to be clear and open about why this decision was made and giving reasonable explanations for any decision that effects employees. The last thing that Paul Sanders has identified is a shift in attitude from your employees. Burnout can often bring a lot of stress and negative feelings; this will end up leading to a lack of motivation. However, Paul Sanders has suggested working with these employees and supporting them. Work with them to find out what support they need in their position and what exactly you can do to help. This will end up decreasing burnout and increasing employee retention rates. Learn more:https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/1266783D:US-james-river-capital-corp 

James River Capital provides a range of investment advice and services. These include the likes of investment management, advisory, commodity trading and some other advisory services. Paul Saunders is a Founder and Principal at the company and also serves as CEO of James River Capital Corp. and James River Financial Corp.

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