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“Paul Saunders, CEO of James River Capital, Offers Insight on How to Help Employees Avoid Burnout “

Since obtaining his Master’s degree in 1979, Paul Saunders has been actively involved in the world of finance, developing extensive experience in the management of alternative investments. Serving as CEO, he co-founded James River Capital in 1995, which offers capital investment advisory services. Based in Virginia, their staff offers clients assistance in commodity trading and investment management and can boast of having received multiple hedge fund performance awards.

Paul maintains a blog that offers both financial and professional advice for the workplace. One of those articles deals with the subject of burnout in the workplace, how to recognize the signs of burnout and effective methods of correcting the areas that may be contributing to employees experiencing burnout.

He writes that there are several types of situations that can be stressors contributing to the development of employee burnout. One of those is the feeling of the loss of control. One such area where that is a risk is in scheduling and time management. If employees feel that policies are inflexible and that they have no input in developing their daily schedule they may feel less valued and “stuck.” He suggests that each employee be allowed a set 10 or 15 minute time period to outline the day’s goals so they are able to develop a sense of control and ownership of their performance.

Another area that can negatively affect workplace morale and result in a feeling of burnout is the presence of a lack of transparency. Negative feelings can quickly develop from several situations, including when personnel feel that upper management is withholding information that should be shared, the perception that employees are not being compensated fairly for the work being performed and if it appears that employees are being unfairly passed over for promotions. He suggests a policy of openness and honesty as well as offering resources and hosting workshops to share information helpful to employees.

When employees are stressed or feeling burned out, they may begin to question the quality of their work and even the value of themselves. Paul suggests talking with employees and actively helping them to set small attainable goals to get back on track. He also suggests encouraging them to “disconnect” when away from work in order to lessen stress and offering support to enable them to do so.

Paul Saunders notes that actively monitoring the workplace atmosphere and addressing these issues can keep employees feeling supported and motivated. Investing in employees’ sense of well-being sets them up for long term success, which is ultimately tied to the success of your business. Learn more: https://gazetteday.com/2018/11/paul-saunders-james-river-capital-talks-burnout/

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