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Paul Herdsman On Enjoying Success As An Entrepreneur

Paul Herdsman co-founded Nice Global back in 2014 after acquiring enough expertise in consumer software. He chose to base the new firm in Jamaica even though he did not have adequate information about running a business in his home country. Much of the success they enjoyed at the start was as a result of their Jamaican Associates.

Rather than creating a lot of work, Paul is keen on providing long-lasting results for his clients. He is conscious of his time and conducts his business engagements concisely. He also keeps an open mind at all times to be able to handle the dynamic environment he experiences at the firm every other day.

Paul Herdsman emphasizes the importance of delegating the duty to members of one’s team rather than doing everything on your own. This is bound to improve productivity as duties are assigned to different team members based on their competence.

His business partners have played a big role in the development and implementation of business ideas in the company. Their feedback is invaluable to Paul who uses these along with insight he gets away from the office to improve service delivery.

Paul Herdsman believes that every entrepreneur needs to be a problem solver. Seeking the best individuals to help you answer relevant questions is the first step. One also needs to sort out available information based on its importance.

He discourages entrepreneurs from simply going through the motions whenever discussing business ideas. He questions much of what he receives and in turn gets the best out of different presenters during engagements.

The shift towards nearshore services by a good number of firms is appealing to Paul Herdsman and he is looking to take advantage of the situation. Nice Global saw the light far much earlier and they are bound to gain massively as new players join them. View Additional Info Here.

Paul attended the Florida Atlantic University where he did his B.A. in Management Information Systems. In 2004 he took his first steps in online marketing when a security software product was launched. Over the years he has built his career around operations management, business development, e-commerce strategy and strategic partnerships. He loves fishing during his free time.


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