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Parents Take their Grown Son to Court to get Him Evicted from their Home

An interesting story took place in New York that caught the attention of the nation. An elderly couple had to sue their 30-year-old son because he would not leave his home. Michael Rotondo is the son of Mark and Christina Rotondo and he has been living with his parents since 2017. The young man moved back in after going through personal issues. He had lost his son last year in a custody case.

While Michael Rotondo’s story is not unique; his parents suing him in court to get out of their house is not common. Mr. and Mrs. Rotondo gave their son 30 days to leave their premises. They wrote the eviction notice on a piece of paper that they put on his door. The note stated that they would give Michael $1,100 to find a new place. They also told him that he should organize his belongings so that he could live in his place. The Rotondo’s also advised their son that he should sell anything that he has of significant value. Apparently, he could sell those items to get more money that will help him live on his own.

Michael’s parents finished the letter by imploring their son to find a job. They told him that his poor work history would not limit him from finding some type of work. The Rotondo’s admitted that their son’s work history was not the best. Michael states that he has an internet business. The business is probably paying him money, but it might not be helping him to get out on his own.

This story was featured in the Huffington Post in May. The reason why this story captured so much attention is because there are many situations similar to the Rotondo’s. Children are staying home for a longer period of time. It is hard for many young adults to leave their home and support themselves. They usually have to find a roommate or romantic relationship just to survive. Dual income earners tend to fare better than single people.

Parents are complaining about their children’s inability to leave their residents. While they accept that children are staying in the home past 18, they do not want their children in their home’s until they are 40. Most parents want their children out of the house between the ages of 18 and 25. Adult children who move back home should work, pay bills and contribute to the upkeep of the home. They should also save their money, so they can move out on their own. Michael Rotondo might not liked being sued by his parents but this adult child should be ready to make it on his own.

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