International Adoption Fees Welcome News to Some U.S. Citizens

Stories often fill the news about celebrities, religious leaders and others adopting children overseas. Recent changes in international adoption will make these adoptions more difficult. On February 16, Associated Press writer David Crary reported that the United States government had made changes to international adoption procedures, regulation and fees designed to prevent scams that have harmed the public. Increased fees passed on to prospective parents are expected to generate funds necessary to safeguard them by enlarging and improving accreditation and investigation staff and processes.

Business leaders at the National Council for Adoption and many adoption agencies are upset about the new changes. One adoption agency CEO, Greg Eubanks, told the press that international adoptions are a “life-and-death issue” for some kids who have mental health issues and need relocation from their birth countries. Yet, Eubanks’ claim seems to ignore that international adoptions have actually dropped over the last decade and a half from tens of thousands to less than 6,000. American families only adopted 5,372 children from other countries in 2016.

Although it is true that children are suffering in countries around the world, leaders at adoption agencies seem to have ignored the suffering taking place in the United States. Experts estimate that as many as one out of every 30 children in the U.S. don’t have a home. Although many of the estimated 2.5 million school-aged children without homes have families or guardians who are also experiencing their homelessness, a lot of children have no one to rely upon to help them. Additionally, a 2015 government report revealed that an estimated 400,000 children were waiting in foster care for someone to adopt them. Over 28,000 children had been waiting for five years or more.

Given these numbers, critics often ask why the government permits any foreign adoptions outside of special circumstances. Faith-based organizations usually see it as their mission to adopt children from foreign countries even though there’s an obvious need for an increase in domestic adoptions. Some U.S. citizens hope that the new international adoption fees and associated regulations will prompt more families to adopt here at home.

Couple Adopts 4 Children

The Parke family had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Not only did the couple celebrate each other’s love, but they also added four children to their family. Jennifer Riedel-Parke and her wife Trudy have fostered several children over the years.

They are the proud parents of 6-year-old Kyle, 4-year-old Jazz, 3-year-old Bethann and 21-month Jonathan. The couple held a celebration at their house, which was attended by their family members and friends. They had a superhero-themed party. “Even Superman Was Adopted” was on the cake.

All of the children are biological siblings. The Parkes have been the children’s foster parents since 2016. They stated that they only take in siblings. The couple thought that they would temporarily foster the children. However, the biological parents gave up their rights. Jennifer is happy that things turned out the way that they did because she always wanted to have a family.

The children call their parents Mama Chewy and Mama Jen. Trudy stated that Jen cooks for the children every day. She cooks fruits, vegetables and homemade soups. She also makes homemade pancakes and sushi.

Trudy stated that the couple is open to adopting more children. Christine Dangrow was the case manager. She was in the courtroom when the adoption was finalized. Being a foster parent is not easy. They have to make sure that all of the children’s basic needs are met, which includes taking them to medical and dental appointments.

Christine stated that it warms her heart to see people care for children that are not biologically theirs. She believes that the children will thrive in the Parke home because it is an environment of love, nurturing, structure and discipline.

Woman Fights Adoption Battle In Russia

A Russian mother is fighting a battle in court after her adopted kids were stripped away from her by local authorities. The adopting mother, Yulia Savinovskikh said she had breast surgery because her large breasts were affecting her health and well-being. Right before having the breast surgery, Yulia said she wrote a blog where she pretended she was a man.

Her two adopted children were taken away from her in August of 2017. The court said that because she identified as being a man in her blog post before the surgery, she had no right to be an adoptive parent of the kids anymore. It is important to point out that the kids that Yulia Savinovskikh adopted were from an orphanage. They are also mentally ill.

The Russian district court in Yekaterinburg said that Mrs. Savinovskikh could no longer play the role of a mother and that she goes against what is considered normal in Russian society. The court in Yekaterinburg also said that she is violating family law principles in the country. This is a clear form of discrimination.

Yulia Savinovskikh has three older children which she has given birth and raised. She also says that her kids call her mum like any other child would call their mother. Savinovskikh has also added that she is not taking any hormones or undergoing a penis reconstruction surgery to make her more manly. She is also not changing her gender on her documents and will contain to be listed as a female. Savinovskikh is also married to a man who is her husband and was supportive of her breast surgery.

Mrs. Savinovskikh’s struggle to win back custody of her adopted kids who are only a few years old and are mentally ill is emblematic of a larger problem when it comes to adoption in Russia. Many parents who are homosexual or transgender face discrimination when adopting kids. Homosexuals and transgender people are also discriminated against and face persecution in Russia. Instead of focusing on giving these kids a happy and loving home by people that want to adopt them, the Russian courts are attacking their supposed sexuality and lifestyle. This is wrong and needs to change.

China Orphan Adopted In Singapore

Keyaun is getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year with his family. A couple from Singapore fell in love with him after they saw a documentary about children in China with disabilities. Keyaun was born with no ears. He has had a fascination with airplanes ever since he was young.

Keyaun grew up in foster care. He was heartbroken when he watched other children get adopted. He wondered if he would ever have a family of his own. Keyaun’s dream of having finally came true after he turned 8. Dr. Lim Poh Liah and Mr Yap Von Hing fell in love with Keyaun when they saw him on television.

The couple already had three children who were almost grown. They were looking forward to being empty-nesters. However, that changed when they saw the documentary about children with disabilities. Many of the children are abandoned because their parents cannot afford to take care of them.

Keyaun was abandoned when he was just a few days old. He was 7-years-old during the time that the documentary aired and was considered by many to be too old to adopt. Children in China are no longer eligible for adoption once they turn 14. In the documentary, Keyaun stated that even though he wanted to be a part of a real family, he was not going to rush it.

Dr. Lim was touched by Keyaun’s world. She and her husband decided to fly to Beijing to meet Keyaun. He was just as eager to meet the couple as they were to meet him. They kept in touch via letter for months. He was officially adopted on January 29, 2018.

Teacher Changes Student’s Life

Chelsea Haley, a single 22 year old rookie teacher at Baton Rouge, Louisiana school was on a two year contract for Teach For America, a program that places young teachers in school districts that are generally low income, with struggling students. While teaching there, Chelsea met a fourth grade student who helped to play a part in changing her life forever.
Chelsea met 12 year old Jerome Robinson at the low income school and took notice of how the system seemed to be failing the young boy. He was failing academically, on the verge of being suspended because he just was not excelling, and the teacher tried everything she could think of to help him get through it all.
She focused on getting to know him both in the classroom as well as outside of it. As the relationship between them, he grew to trust Chelsea and she noticed quite a difference in how he was both in the classroom and outside of it. Jerome eventually asked if he could stay with her. His home life was not so great, so she set out to help him and his younger brother, Jace.
Within two months, in early 2016, their birth mother signed over custody to Chelsea and she went to work to make the adoption legal. Since then, Chelsea and the boys have moved to Georgia and she is proud to announce that both boys are thriving and doing amazing. In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Jerome said his story is one that he hopes can show others not to give up. That believing you can do anything truly can make a difference.

Jeremy Goldstein – How to create sustainable institutions

Achieving a sustainable economic environment for corporations is no mean feat, as it usually requires some factors to be in pace. In recent times, things have become notably harder, as institutions struggle to address these factors. In some cases, such situations turn nasty, resulting in massive losses to the involved business. Jeremy Goldstein, a New York-based attorney, advises on how to manage employee incentives such as the Earnings per Share program (EPS) in such a way that business does not incur losses. Moreover, he offers insight into the interesting debate on the viability of performance-based contracts. Learn more:


From a neutral perspective, EPS is a good thing. For shareholders, it is one of the significant influencers of stock value, as it determines whether they buy or sell their assets. Also, EPS usually influences companies to increase the amount that they disburse to each worker. As a result, firms that integrate EPS into their payrolls are more prosperous than those without. EPS may appear to be a profitable strategy, but due to the fiercely competitive nature of shares, it often leverages unfair advantage.


Adversaries of EPS suggest that the implementation of this program often results in favoritism and tolerance to undesirable actions by company executives. Furthermore, they believe that instead of availing collective control, these metrics give CEOs absolute power, allowing them to skew the results. This implies that the top brass in corrupt institutions can alter results in their favor, driving up their share sales.


Other antagonists point out that EPS cannot sustain a company in the long-run as it is specifically tailored for short-term interests. Such concerns also affect performance-based contracts, as they are always fluctuating and are therefore unreliable. A section of experts vehemently opposes the use of EPs and performance-based pays, and instead advocates for the integration of longer-lasting strategies.


Jeremy Goldstein stance on this matter is perhaps the best. He suggests that instead of doing away with EPS, the companies should punish leaders who skew the statistics.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy is a vastly experienced lawyer operating in the confines of New York. Since earning his Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law several years ago, Jeremy has worked his way up and now owns a personal law firm. His unique contributions to the legal field are conspicuous and are backed with numerous appearances on prominent publications such as the Legal 500. Jeremy is also a member of multiple boards of corporate institutions across the US.

Couple Adopts 4 Siblings

February 14th was a whole lot more special for one household in Jeanette, Pennsylvania, as it’s now become another sort of holiday to commemorate the day the Parkes became a family.

Trudy Parke and her wife Jennifer Riedel-Parke have been parents to many foster kids over the years, but this Valentine’s Day was when they finally decided to make an arrangement permanent. Since August of 2016, the two had been fostering four siblings. Though they initially thought the arrangement would be temporary, the children’s birth parents ended up terminating their rights to parentage, a duty the Parkes were more than happy to take up in their stead.

“Today is a trifecta,” said Trudy. “It’s Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, and Adopt Some Kids Day.” Having always wanted a family of their own, the couple and their friends and family were overjoyed once the final hearing ended with Westmoreland County Senior Judge John Driscoll. There was even a cake donated by the local JessB Bakes bakery, with the message “Even Superman was Adopted” written in icing.

This became something of a family motto for the six, as their first pictures together after being legally recognized as a family had them all wearing shirts featuring the quote and Clark Kent glasses. The kids, Kyle, Jazz, Bethann, and Jonathan, all seem happy about the arrangement, having had ample time to adjust to the idea their stay with the Parkes would be permanent and coming to love their new mothers.

Even though they now have four children to care for permanently, the Parkes say they would be open to inviting even more foster kids to come live with them at some point in the future. With both big hearts and a big house, they hope to do as much good for children in need as they can by offering a nurturing, loving, and supportive environment for as long as needed.

Bob Reina: What A Person!

It is hard not to get excited by someone like Bob Reina. He is everything that is good and everything that is right with the world. He is someone that is an inspiration and someone that really pushes people to be their best. He also is big on sticking things out and not quitting. He sees a lot of quitting going on, and this upsets him and makes him sad. He knows people can do a lot with their lives when they don’t quit. However, for one reason or another, they get discouraged and they throw in the towel. They don’t push themselves and they don’t follow their dreams. He knows they are doing a great disservice to themselves, as they are not living life on their own terms. They just exist and they are just doing what they think they should be doing.


“Should” is a complicated word because there are certain categories where that word applies when it comes to life. However, when it comes to someone’s life and their career, as long as they are making money in a legal way, they should be able to do whatever job makes them happy. However, too often, people stick with the job that allows them to make the most money. They end up feeling unhappy and empty inside. They don’t feel as though they are living the best version of themselves. They are just going through the motions with no happiness and no excitement, whatsoever.


It is almost like they have turned into robots. Instead of giving it all their all and jumping out of bed filled with excitement, they are taking forever to get out of bed, and it is a lot harder than it needs to be in terms of their career. In many ways, that is a form of quitting. They know they have talents and they can offer the world a lot with those talents. Instead, they are tucked away and no one gets to see them. They are depriving the world of their talents and they are not showing them what they can do and what they are capable of when they do what they want to do with their lives.


It is why Bob Reina does not want people to quit on themselves or quit on life at any point in time. He wants them to really push themselves and really see what they can do with their life. He believes they will be amazed with the results if they really stick with it. It won’t happen overnight, but when it does happen, it will give them a whole new lease on life. It’s that second chance. Learn more:





Woman Trying To Find Adoptive Parents

Kerry Kurtz Tucker was adopted by a family in Alexandria, Virginia shortly after she was born. She also has two siblings who have also been adopted. Kerry had a wonderful life with her adoptive parents. However, they died 10 years.

Kerry has made several attempts to find her real family. However, nothing she has done has helped her find them. Kerry had a private and closed adoption. The name of the attorney that was assigned to Kerry’s case was James D’ Angelou. James has passed away.

Kerry stated that the state of South Carolina makes it difficult for people to find their biological parents. Her adoption case was closed in court. She also believes that her adoptive mother has her birth certificate. However, she does not know where her birth certificate is. She thinks that she may have been born at Ocean View Hospital. She also thinks that her parents may have been teenagers.

Kerry has joined many groups on Facebook hoping to find her real parents. The people who help people find their real parents are known as search angels. They give all of the information that they find to people for free. However, they have not been able to help Kerry find her biological parents yet.

Kerry recently ordered an Ancestry DNA kit. She has completed all of the tests and has sent it back. She will hear back from the company within three to four weeks. She is hoping that she will soon have the answers that she is looking for.

Kerry was named after a county in Ireland. She believes that she was called baby girl before her adoptive parents named her.

Real Estate Academy Entrepreneur Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is a real estate investor who helps others gain financial wealth by teaching classes on how to buy, renovate and sell property, which is also known as flipping houses. Through his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, people who are new to the world of real estate investing get the opportunity to learn how to grow and maintain wealth in that industry without having to put any of their cash down initially. The school was established in 2013, and has since become one of the most popular instructional programs when it comes to investing.

In addition to having the academy, Nick Vertucci also runs 3 to 4-day seminars all over the country. These seminars are called Fortunes in Flipping, and he also offers individual mentoring programs and online tutorials. His extensive knowledge about property investment and development came about after he attended a 3-day real estate workshop years ago and spent 10 years learning about the business. He’d decided to receive training in this area because of the fact that he’d lost his job selling computer components after the Internet crash in the early part of the 21st century.

After being homeless for a while, and living out of his van, the married father of 3 knew that he would have to come up with another way to take care of his family, so although he wasn’t that interested in being a part of the real estate industry at first, he began to see just how lucrative investing in it could be. He went on to start the Irvine, California based Nick Vertucci Company, and to later host a radio show called Real Estate Investing Hour, which airs on KFWB News Talk 180. The successful entrepreneur and property investment educator and adviser currently lives in Orange, California with his family.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: