A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

Sad News For Sza. Sad News For Fans

The neo-soul singer Sza made waves in 2017 with her debut album CTRL. With hits songs like Love Galore, Garden (Say It Like That), and The Weekend she, is well on her way to becoming a musical legend. With her second album set to be released soon, fans are nervous about the whisperings that her …

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Children Talk When Parents Listen

According to the Huff post article, How to Be a Parent Your Child Wants To Talk To, By Erin Leonard (05/25/2018), the most common complaint of parenting is, “my child never talks to me!” If you are a parent of an early teen or college student, even a millennial, don’t be alarmed, we understand. Even …

Stream Energy: Mobilizing Philanthropic Arm

Hurricane Harvey is considered one of the strongest and most devastating hurricanes to hit the United States mainland. Meteorologists have recorded 56 inches of rain from the storm, causing massive floods, especially in Houston. The floods took lives and properties, leaving its victims helpless and asking for help. Stream Energy extended their assistance to those …

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