Dealing With The Departure Of Your First Foster Child

As a licensed foster parent, it becomes very challenging trying to let go of a child you have loved and parented for a lengthy period. A greater challenge is attempting to adjust to the arrival of a new child fresh after the departure of your first foster child. Letting go of your first foster child leaves you under a great deal of mental, emotional, and physical strain. This is because you have very high expectations thinking that you will be able to adopt this child.

The strain experienced comes from the uncertainty of adopting this child, coursing through the bureaucratic red tape of a failed system, and having to say goodbye to someone who has grown to become part of your family. This means that as a foster parent, falling short in one experience can significantly drain your energy and morale. One reason that can cause your foster child to leave is if they are reunited with their biological relatives. However, when you decide to do it again, you will be more prepared to deal with the dilemma of the possible outcome.

It is essential to pick yourself up quickly because the American foster child system is never short of children who are in need of a family. Even though the departure of a foster child is accompanied by a deep sense of loss, preparing yourself emotionally will assist you to get back on your feet. Most foster parents have to be optimistic and hope that every time they take in a child, the probability of adoption is very high. This will enable you to realize that your current foster child is not there to replace or displace the previous one but to offer a new beginning.

The panic associated with meeting a new child is most likely based on the subconscious need to fill the void left by your previous foster child. However, the only way to go about this is to treat each experience separately, start afresh, and make the most out of every situation.

Susan McGalla Shows Women What is Possible

Susan McGalla is committed to helping women advance in business. She herself is something of a trailblazer with her success in the corporate world. She has reached some top executive posts throughout her career and shared her knowledge and experience with many different female audiences. Two examples are Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs.

Her business savvy and experience has culminated with the founding of her own enterprise known as P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. They are expert consultants, led by McGalla, who specializes in teaching clients how to brand better. With her ability to instruct clients on how to differentiate their products and services, P3 provides timely help so businesses can grow. McGalla and P3 aren’t limited to this aspect, however. They are also adroit marketers who teach companies to effectively manage talent and improve operational efficiencies. It’s a lot to take in, but it illustrates how much ground McGalla has covered in her career.

In her personal life, Susan McGalla grew up in a competitive environment. She had a rough and tumble existence with two brothers and a father who was a football coach. She wasn’t cut any slack with her family as a girl and thrived in spite of that. It has served her well in business where ambitions sometimes clash. Her parents encouraged her to work hard and instilled in her a sense of confidence. So, with this helpful background, she is comfortable working with both men and women.

Her tenure with American Eagle Outfitters(AEO) is noteworthy. She found herself working almost exclusively with men and helped change the corporate culture there. At the time there were no women in executive positions or on the managerial board. McGalla, with her talent and ambition, thrived and helped open the door for other women to climb the corporate ladder. McGalla eventually rose to the position of President at AEO with extensive responsibilities.

Her consulting business offers an insider’s perspective on the retail world. She works with top financial officers and shares her accumulated wisdom so others can excel too. The luxury of running her own business and enjoying a measure of autonomy is the byproduct of years of hard work and flexibility demonstrated throughout her career. She has maintained a healthy perspective on her gender considering it to be neither an asset nor a liability. She has always hoped to be judged on the quality of her ideas instead.

Queensland Advocates for Equality in Adoption of Children

Same-sex couples and single people have been discriminated for a long time, especially regarding adoption of children. However, in Queensland, the Labor bill passed the reform of the state’s adoption laws after a debate with the esteemed Speaker casting the final vote. Therefore, same sex couples and couples seeking fertility treatments were allowed to register themselves on the adoption register.

Insights of the Supporting Party

Shannon Fentiman, a famed Government minister, expressed her joy of passing the bill that previously discriminated the same-sex couples. She mentioned that Queensland community had prevented these individuals from meeting the needs of children through adoption. She added that children’s needs should be prioritized and met without considering the parents’ sexuality or their single status. Shannon cited that these individuals encouraged a positive relationship and a nurturing and supportive home for children.

The Opposition Party’s Views

Ros Bates, an opposition MP, cited that the action of allowing adoption of children by same-sex couples was because of the minimum number of adoptions in Queensland annually. Bates also argued that Queensland had a limited number of children seeking adoption; therefore, it was inadequate to guarantee a relaxation of the adoption eligibility criteria.
A Touching Testimony

Steven Miles, a well-known Labor MP, cited that he was aware of a same-sex couple that became foster parents to a young boy. The couple nurtured and loved him despite his worst behaviors. As a result, the boy learned to understand and reciprocate their love. Steven mentioned that the young boy is currently proud of the couple and wants them to officially adopt him since they helped him overcome his sad past during the last five years. The Queensland bill of same-sex couples and single people’s adoption rights has earned the state popularity, unlike the Northern Territory of Australia and South Australia that still prohibits adoption by same-sex couples.

Eighteen Year Old Adopted Into a Loving Family

ABC News reported on 18 July that an 18-year-old who had been in foster care for over 13 years had been adopted into a forever home. According to this article Carson Petersen, an 18-year-old young man from Fresno was adopted by his foster parents Rex and Renee Petersen after having spent over 13 years oscillating between foster homes. He was placed into the foster system at three years of age when his biological mother took her own life. Carson Petersen has been put under the care of his biological father five years later when he was eight, but three years down the line he was homeless in the street. Thus he was brought back into the foster system.

After moving from one foster home to another and experimenting with drugs and alcohol for a short while, Carson met the Petersens. He says that his life changed for the better from that point on as they are a Christian family that believes in him and sees the best in him. Even through hardships and challenges, this family never gave up on him, treating him like one of theirs. He says that he was happy that he was made to feel like he belonged, and was grateful for the love that he was shown. That is why he requested them to adopt him right before Christmas of 2016.

Rex Petersen says that it was a no-brainer. They had lived with Carson since 2014 and had come to like him for his good nature and natural instinct to help people. They said that they considered Carson as their son and were happy to make that fact official. Rex stated that it is devastating to watch kids go through the foster system, moving from one home to another and back into the system. He was only happy to provide a home to one and give their life meaning. The adoption was formalized on June 30th at the Fresno County Superior Court.

Parents of Adopted Children Face More Special Education Challenges

Studies show that adopted children suffer from learning disabilities at more than twice the rate of children born biologically to both parents. The result is that many parents of adopted children find themselves in need of professional special education services.

It brings up a lot of issues, including the possible need to find a special needs private school, or if the child attends a public school, making sure that this public institution has the proper resources to handle disabilities. Some parents resort to home schooling while others hire outside private professional help.

Although it is well known that children of adoptive parents have a significantly higher rate of learning disabilities and other issues, finding reliable data to back it up has been elusive so far. Studies have been done, but statistical results vary widely.

For example, a study conducted at Illinois State University found that fully 40 percent of kids that are adopted are receiving special education services. But another similar study done by the Institute of Family Studies came in with a rate of 24 percent.

Although these results are highly at variance statistically, it is an almost certainty that when looking at all children – both adopted and those belonging to natural parents together – the rate of special needs is 10 percent of all students.

What does it mean? The implications are many. For one, parents who are considering adoption should be aware that the child they plan to adopt is much more likely to require expensive, long-term special education resources.

Other implications from the statistics concern funding decision for various government programs. When lawmakers formulate budgets for special education having reliable data on how much to spend on such resources is critical.

The bottom line, however, is that adopted kids are more likely to require special education resources.

Adoption and Being a Parent to an Adopted Child

Anna Lokey’s husband, Shaun broached the idea of adopting a child, which took her off guard, to the extent that she considered it an understatement. She felt she wasn’t ready to bring up someone else’s child, whereas the husband took it as his duty to adopt a child owing to his childhood experience and upbringing. After a few years, Shaun shared a video with his wife on adoption and beseeched her that it was not about being a perfect parent, but rather being available and participating in their daily lives. It took a long conversation and prayers to have the couple add three more children to their three biological children.

Being a Parent of an Adopted Child

According to Shaun, adoption can be quite exhaustive and expensive. The cost in 2016 stands from $ 20,000 to $ 50,000 per child. The costs are distributed to travel, paperwork and licensing. Prospective parents should look into grant programs. Anna and Shawn adopted Lily in 2010 when she was only two years old, Judah in 2010 at age 6 and Milo in 2014 when he was three years. Each child comes with unique challenges. For instance, Judah had some roots in his language and culture.

Challenges that come along with adoption

The language barrier is also one of the problems faced and the time is taken to adapt. It is also an uphill task trying to connect with your children emotionally since the young adopted children are slow to warm up to their new homes, surroundings, and parents. You have to deal with your fears of rejection and the many ups and downs.

Statistics on adoption and parenting in the U.S Alone

More than 110,000 children were adopted in 2016 according to the National Council for Adoption, a figure down from 2007’s 133,000. The decline is attributed to the drop in foreign adoption and the harsh economic conditions. The State Department reports that in 2016, parents in the United States adopted 5,372 children from other countries, compared to 22,884 children in 2004. The figure has been consistently declining every year since that peak.

Jose Borghi: Storming the Brazilian Advertising World by Force

About Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is a Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil. Mullen Lowe is one of the most famed advertising agencies in Brazil. He graduated in advertising from PUCCamp. He has always had a passion for advertising. This passion was to give birth to during his high school years when he attended Castro Neves Theatre and got to witness an exhibition at the theater.


In 1988, Jose began his career in advertising. He joined the Standard Ogilvy Group. His experience with this group gave him a much-needed boost in his confidence as an advertiser. He worked with Leo Burnett as the Vice President of Creation and President of the Agency. Jose Borghi has worked in many places, before becoming what he is today. He worked as a talent writer, FCB, and DM9/DDB.

In 2002, he founded the BorghiErh Agency. However in 2006, together with his business partner Erh Ray, they merged BorghiErh and Lowe and this gave birth to Borghi Lowe. In 2015, they renamed the Group into Mullen Lowe Brasil after a merger with Mullen. He now runs the ad agency together with his fellow CEO Andrė Gomes and more information click here.

They have a big number of clients namely; Close Up, Life Buoy, BR Grupo, Knorr, Kibon, Omo, Smart Fit, Unica e Votorantim and the list is endless. This Brazilian Advertising agency has also done a lot of successful advertisements such as; Campaigns for Honda, Parmalat’s “Mammals”, Carlinhos for Down’s Syndrome Association and Fiat’s “Rever Conceitos” and learn more about Borghi.


Jose Borghi is a man who has garnered a lot of awards in the advertisement field. In 1999, he got the Archive Editor Award. He has won the 20 Lions Cannes award, he received awards at the New York Festival, the London Festival, and the Clios Awards.

In 2009, he received the Agency/Creation Professional in the Professional Contribution Award of APP. He has also taken home an award as the Advertiser of the year in the 26th edition of São Paulo Columnist Award. He has made Brazil proud by representing them twice as a jury in Cannes in the years 2002 and 2013 and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

How Did The Larkin And Lacey Frontera Fund Get Going?

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund started because two men were willing to put their egos aside to help people. They have a deep belief that the things they do matter to others, and this article explains how the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund has grown because these two men want to help people who are in Arizona. There are many people who come to America as migrant workers or immigrants, and they simply need a place that will be safe and welcome them. Arizona is not known for being tolerant, and these two men hope to change that.


#1: The Frontera Fund’s Beginning


The Frontera Fund started because Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey where falsely arrested by a conservative sheriff for reporting on things he did. He broke their freedom of the press, and they sued in open court. The award they received went directly to starting the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. They wanted to ensure that all the people who are coming to America are given many options to ensure that they are safely living in this country.


#2: Legal Help


There is quite a lot of legal help needed by people who come through the southwest because they could be abused or harassed at any time. The police do not have a good reputation for treating people of color well, and the Frontera Fund will send legal advisors or lawyers to anyone who has been confronted with a police situation. There may be brutality or false arrest at play, and these people will be given all the help they need to ensure that they will not be harmed by the system.


#3: Advocating For Immigrants


The Frontera Fund wishes to educate as many people as possible on the plight of immigrants, and they want to show that migrant workers and their families rely on jobs in America to survive. They are doing something that many American workers will not do, and they hope to ensure that all the immigrants they see are given better treatment. The Frontera Fund is an advocate for people who have no voice, and it helps them recover from mistreatment that may have occurred.


#4: Serving All Of Arizona


Michael and Jim have been in Arizona for some time, and they want to see the state become a better place for people to live and work. They are afraid that their state has become too intolerant, and they wanted to do something about that. It is difficult for someone to have a good life if they come to an America that does not welcome them, and they will find that this state offers one of the best support charities possible.


Michael and Jim have dedicated their life’s work to ensuring that all people are given a fair shake. They want to show the people of Arizona that immigrants and migrant workers are good people, and they want to prevent the corruption and abuse that has occurred under conservative police forces and sheriffs.

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Roberto Santiago Presents Quality Mall for Shopping and Entertainment

Roberto Santiago is greatly admired for the work that he has done inside of the commercial real estate market in Brazil. He has created a very interesting concept for people that are looking for a mall that is going to provide them with bountiful hours of entertainment and shopping possibilities. People are rated that would change the way that people were shopping and socializing.


Roberto Santiago has totally changed the way that commercial real estate looks in Brazil. His formula for success with building a mega mall has actually generated a lot of copy cat entrepreneurs. More people are interested in what he is doing when it comes to real estate because he set a new trend.


Roberto Santiago found a way to help people see that there was a great amount of interest in entertainment centers that were coupled with shopping stores. There are few malls that have movie theaters, but Roberto Santiago was on the verge of something groundbreaking when he decided to add a movie theater, concert hall, amusement park and bowling alley all inside of one shopping mall structure. This was something that got many tourist and natives excited about shopping in Brazil.


People love to shop in this area because it presents them with a shopping experience that can turn into a fun evening of entertainment as well. There’s no need to go anywhere else, and Roberto Santiago is certain that this is part of the reason that this mall is so profitable.


People that may have only come in to the mall to look for a pair of shoes may find themselves bowling a couple of games. Consumers that may be in the market for a shirt or a pair of pants may find themselves getting food from the pool for socializing with friends in the Space Lounge. All of this is something that helps boost the economy for Brazil. It is a good thing for the real estate market in Latin America. Roberto Santiago has been able to thrive as a real estate investor because he made good decisions when it came to building real estate that was only going to grow in popularity over time.


This is the mall that was actually invented in 1989, but it is still going strong and Roberto Santiago still has quite a bit of interest in developing even more stores for this company. Roberto Santiago has become a major force in the real estate industry, and people can appreciate the changes that he has made in real estate. Roberto has shown himself to be a very popular real estate investors that has his own vision. He knows what he wants to do with commercial real estate.


Whitney Wolfe’s New App To Help Find Your New BFF

Whitney Wolfe, the founder of Bumble, has created a new app that is different from the original app, but works in tandem on the same application if individuals already have the Bumble app. The app named “BumbleBFF” works in much the same way as the existing Bumble app. In order to use BumbleBFF users must download the Bumble app which will ask the user to sign into Facebook. BumbleBFF uses the Facebook algorithms to link people to potential friends with the same interests and tastes. Once the system finds potential friends with the same interests, users can view each person and swipe left if the user is not interested. Potential matches will sit in the app for review for 24 hours before being removed as inactive.

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There are numerous security features with this app also such as face recognition where app users need to take a picture so that it can be matched to their profile picture. This feature cuts down any app hacking that could happen. Whitney Wolfe explained what she felt was the need for this dating app. Whitney stated that with people, especially woman who are waiting longer to find committed relationships, building lasting friendships is becoming more important than ever. The first week statistics seem to back this reasoning as Bumble BFF received more than one million swipes by users.

Twenty-Six year old Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and creator of Bumble. This app is designed to be used as a relationship app where users can view potential matches online. Whitney Wolfe has a vision of creating a business app of Bumble for networking, linking companies and employees together for a seamless integration of business, personal, and romantic contacts. To learn more about Bumble and Bumble BFF, please click here.