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Organo Gold: A Better Coffee Solution

Coffee is one of the most widely used beverages on earth. This hot liquid is generally consumed during the morning hours, but people have found many reasons for consuming it throughout the day. Coffee can provide an immediate burst of energy as well as provide a potent way of staying alert. Some of the biggest brands in the world are known as Folgers, Seattle’s Best and Maxwell House, but there is a new contender on the scene today. Organo Gold just so happens to be the new contender, but this brand is more than just a coffee beverage. Organo Gold is a network marketing company that hires independent distributors to sell its fine products. Organo Gold produces and sells:

• Black Ice

• Caffe Mocha

• Cafe Latte

• Gourmet Black Coffee

• Green Tea

• Cafe Supreme

• Red Tea

• And more

The Pacific Northwest is a region of the US that thrives off coffee. The culture of coffee is huge as some of the most popular brands have come into fruition from this particular region, including Seattle’s Best and Starbucks. The area between Northern California and Vancouver, British Columbia, is ground zero for this culture. There is an abundance of tiny coffee shops that are spread out in this region, which came long before the big brands took over. Coffee aficionados have always known about this area, and these tiny shops offer some of the tastiest blends of coffee.

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Organo Gold uses a proprietary blend of ingredients including ganoderma lucidum. This ingredient is an actual fungus that grow in China’s Muyi Mountains. Ganoderma lucidum is also known as the “king of herbs,” and it provides great immune support. This is just one of the many benefits of Organo Gold coffee, but hopefully you’ll have a much better perception of how beneficial this beverage truly is.

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