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Explaining The Adoption Process

Oklahoma Law Forces some Cultural Groups to Rethink the Adoption Process

Adoption is considered a very important process for many people. There a lot of couples who cannot have children on their own. Also, there are plenty of kids who are in need of a good family. Finding people to take care of children who have been placed into foster care is a big deal. No one wants to send a child to the wrong family where they will not be cared for or protected. Finding the right family to place a child is crucial. This is one of the reasons why Oklahoma passed Senate Bill 1140.


Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallen passed Senate Bill 1140 back on May 11, 2018. This particular law allows agencies to deny adoptions that violates their religious and moral beliefs. This law also allows agencies to stop foster care placements as well if the adopting party does not adhere to an agency’s religious views.


Huffington Post featured an article on this subject. The LGBTQ communities within Oklahoma viewed this law as a red flag. The reason why they became so upset with Senate Bill 1140 is because it could limit their ability to adopt a child. Conservative Christian based adoption groups would have the right to prohibit an adoption because LGBTQ members lifestyles do not align with their values.


Many LGBTQ members just do not like the way this sounds. They know that everyone does not approve of their lifestyle. However, they believe that this should not restrict or limit their ability to adopt children who need a home. Many LGBTQ members believe their lifestyle should not be a hindrance to the adoption process.


Keep in mind that this law has been presented in such a way that it does not interfere with a LGBTQ members rights to adopt. However, it does hinder their ability with adopting children from certain agencies or groups. Legal action is being strongly considered by LGBTQ to change this ruling. Many people believe that individuals should be able to adopt children regardless of their religious beliefs, social status or sexual preferences.

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