A Child Chosen

Explaining The Adoption Process

Ohio Woman Finds Her Family

Mary Sullivan was forced to leave her newborn behind in the 1950s. She left her daughter with a Catholic church. The church ended up selling the baby to a family in the United States.

Mary’s daughter, Kathleen, was born in Dublin, Ireland. The Catholic church had a built a home that housed unwed mothers. After the women gave birth, they were separated from their children. The children are also given up for adoption without the mother’s consent. Mary came to the home in 1953 after she got pregnant out of wedlock. She gave birth the following year.

Kathleen was sent to America because the Catholic church felt that she would have a better life. However, Kathleen had a life that was filled with isolation and loneliness. She found out that she had been adopted when she was young. She felt distraught because she believed that her birth mother did not want her.

Kathleen did not feel like she fit in with her adopted family. Her father always referred to her as an adopted daughter. Kathleen asked her father on his death bed whether he really wanted her. He told her that he did not want her.

Kathleen had a hard life, but she was eventually able to marry and start her own family. She did not feel like she was a part of a family until she had her own family. Kathleen was still determined to find someone who was a part of her mother’s family. She found out that she had a cousin named Maureen Sullivan. They are first cousins.

Kathleen also found out that she had five siblings. She is hoping that she will eventually be able to meet them. Kathleen and Maureen talk on the phone once a week and plan to meet face-to-face soon.

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