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NJ Mom Fights For Son That She Gave Up For Adoption

Gloria Roman is fighting to get her son back from his adoptive parents. She was 19 at the time and a freshman in college. Gloria and her mother had lost their home, and she had to move into her sister’s attic. She knew her finances were tight and did not know if she could take care of a baby.

Because Gloria’s finances were so tight, she thought that adoption would be the best option. She did not think that she would be able to give her baby a good life. Gloria contacted an adoption agency before she gave birth. She was not told about all of the options that she had. She was also told that foster care was not available.

Gloria had her son in July 2017. She was able to hold her son one time before giving him to the adoption agency. She stated that giving her son up for adoption was one of the worst mistakes of her life. Gloria said that the only reason she gave her son up for adoption because she was misinformed.

Gloria reached out to the adoption agency one month after her son was born. She told them that she had changed her mind, but she was told that it was too late. Gloria hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the new parents and the adoption agency. The judge ruled in Gloria’s favor. The judge stated that the adoption documents were not valid.

The judge told the new parents that they had to return the baby boy to Gloria. However, they filed an appeal. Gloria stated that she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her son back.

Gloria will have to pay $80,000 for legal fees. Her attorney has informed that there is a possibility that she may have to pay an additional $50,000. She is taking time off from school to focus on raising the attorney fees.

Gloria has started a gofundme campaign. The goal is to raise $90,000. She has already raised $5,000.

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