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Nick Vertucci Lists Four Steps To Achieving Your Goal Of Wealth

Nick Vertucci, the founder and CEO of NV Real Estate Academy was asked once by Ideamensch on how he got into the real estate business, and he explained how he worked his way through it from the bottom up. He also listed four steps that others who wanted to follow him in that path should take. The first is that they need to see their goal and have a vision. The second is being able to believe that vision. Nick Vertucci himself had to get to a point where he believed it early on when he knew little about real estate. Step three is being able to draw up a map or plan to get from vision to goal. And the final step is executing or carrying out the work that it will take to do so.

Going into real estate was the second business that Nick Vertucci had founded. He had previously started a computer hardware parts company from scratch and built some wealth from that company. But the dot-com crash that nearly wiped out eBay and Amazon in 2000 caused his business to go under, and soon his assets disappeared and he had to sell off much of his property just to keep from losing his house. With seemingly no answers on how to get out of debt, he frantically searched around for a way to make six-figure income. Vertucci would find his answer at a workshop that his friend invited him to go to, and when he went there he heard a lot of things about property flipping that sparked his curiosity.

Nick Vertucci had no cash reserves when he started out in real estate, so he sought other ways to fund his investments, and today he shares with the NV Real Estate Academy attendees how to find investment funds through others just as he did. He spent time researching how to find properties that could turn into high value land, and soon he was buying them. Within about four years he started seeing revenue come in in tens of thousands of dollars, and 10 years into his career he became a millionaire. He then turned from investing in properties to investing in people by starting the academy, and he’s greatly encouraged every time he hears stories of success from those who’ve benefited from knowing his secrets.

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