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Nick Vertucci journey to greatness

Financial books in the market lack one thing: realistic approach. Fortunately, one of the best-selling financial books by Nick Vertucci is without a doubt the best-written financial book in the past few years. Kevin Harrington, one of the financial think tanks describes the book (Seven Figure Decisions) as exceptionally good. The endorsement of him (Kevin Harrington) and Dean Cain (the actor) gives an objective opinion that the book is a masterpiece in approach to investment. The book outlines his personal journey from making a bad decision in the investment world to becoming the great investor. From a point of giving up, he describes his journey to success. The piece has many lessons for all kind of investors.

Current Nick Vertucci is an active investor majoring in real estate. The housing industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. He is a specialist in buying properties owned by the American banks. With this knowledge, he has helped many real estate newbie investors in making this niche understandable though “Turn-Key” a system which until some years ago he was part of it. From his vast knowledge of investment system, he was able to venture to other areas and the principles he has gathered are well outlined in his book.

Nick Vertucci is a principled investor and a believer of self-actualization in investment. According to him, for an investor to be uniquely different, they must self-realize their potential. He is also a believer of change and he argues that being ready for change is the best thing investors can do to themselves. Although the real estate industry is one of the most feared investments, he has the view that the industry has created many wealthy people. For learning, YouTube to him is the best source of inspiration and learning. For him, the ability to see an opportunity, believe in yourself, plan for it, and finally execute is the best strategy to succeed in the investment world.

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