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Nick Vertucci Is A Businessman Who Comes From Humble Beginnings

Nick Vertucci is a businessman who comes from humble beginnings. At the age of 18 he was living out of his vehicle and did not know where his life was headed. Nick was an entrepreneur at heart and made several different efforts to get a business enterprise off the ground. He eventually started selling computers and later formed a company of his own. Nick met his wife during this time and they started a family together producing three children. His life was going along well until the Dot Com crash of 2000. Nick and his wife fell on hard times once again and struggled to keep things together. He took responsibility for the fact that he was caught up with his business and not saving for the future.

Nick Vertucci struggled for two years to find a new avenue to pull his family out of hard times. There was very little income coming in and they continued to go deeper and deeper into debt. Nick was close to losing everything when he was approached by a friend who invited him to a seminar. It was a 3-day meeting and Nick was not sure if this was going to be something that he could use. He needed money to help his family immediately. However, he decided to stick out the seminar and take in what information he could. Nick Vertucci quickly decided that this could be something big if he invested the time. Nick invested heavily into real estate and after decades of work developed a successful list of tactics.

Nick Vertucci has come from the bottom to reach the highest level of success in real estate. He is now dedicated to helping others realize their potential and dreams of financial freedom. Nick encourages people to plan for the future and not let the past affect their current decisions.

Nick’s life was a struggle even during his childhood. He grew up in a single-parent home after losing his father. His mom worked long hours to support him and his siblings. This is why Nick understands the importance of work ethic. He uses his personal experience as an example to motivate other people.

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