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Nick Vertucci Believed In His Business Vision

Nick Vertucci had an interesting journey to success. He was living out of his van at the age of 18 and going through one of the lower parts of his life. He eventually caught a break when he started his own business of selling computers. Nick was doing very well his company and moving forward. Around this time he met his wife and they began a family. After three children Nick Vertucci and his wife were established with a home and in a great place financially. However, the dot com crash of 2000 took a toll on their interest.

Nick Vertucci and his family endured nearly two years financial strife. Nick barely held the family together with very little income. During this time they were falling deeper and deeper into debt. Vertucci was able to maintain the family’s home and keep everything afloat. A friend eventually approached him about attending a 3-day real estate seminar. Nick had reservations about giving three days of his time to such an event since his family needed money right away. However, he trusted the friend that invited him and decided to attend. He soon realized that this was the opportunity that he had been waiting for. He was ready to make better decisions and move forward with his life.

Nick attended the seminar and paid attention to all of the presentations. There was a lot to take in at that moment. Yet Nick knew that this was the business that could take his life in a different direction. He left the classes feeling inspired.

Vertucci did a great deal of studying over the years and learned how to make his way in real estate. It took Nick decades of work and research in order to get his feet on the ground. However, he eventually developed a system for making money that worked out very well for him and his straightforward style. Now that he is established financially Nick has dedicated himself to teaching others how to achieve their own type of financial freedom through smart business decisions.

Nick Vertucci has a passion and work ethic that comes from his experiences as a child. He lost his father early in life. Nick’s mother had to pick up the pieces and support him and his siblings on her own. Vertucci has been able to internalize this determination and is ready to share it others who are ready to make a professional breakthrough.

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