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New York City’s Heart Disease Aficionado: Edward Honig

New York City is an immense city and there are countless health complications that deal with the heart; ranging from high cholesterol and high blood pressure to obstacles with exercise and pregnancy. Ultimately when the time comes to transition from a your physician to a cardiologist, who is there to trust? Alongside the upbeat urban area of New York is a doctor that skillfully aims to keep your heart ‘upbeat’ as well. Cardiologists are responsible for the treatment of heart disease along with the initial diagnosis, and there is no one wiser than the Dr. Edward Honig.

His credentials certainly incline experience. The Duke University School of Medicine graduate has had his medical license within the state of New York since 1952. With over 60 years of medical practice under his belt, Edward Honig has handled many questions and scenarios. This internal medicine doctor currently practices in Glen Cove, NY at Glen Cove Hospital and is ranked highly among other cardiologists in the area.

Dr. Edward Honig’s Healthgrade honor roll status that identifies him as extremely acceptable in the medical community and fundamentally compliant to regulations are just two prime examples of the many characteristics that deem Edward Honig as a first-rate choice when faced with the task of choosing a cardiologist in New York City. Despite being on a level of high prestige in dealing with heart complications, what makes Dr. Honig additionally ideal is his availability. He is accepting new patients and can easily be contacted through his office contacts. On paper Dr. Edward Honig is an exceptional practitioner of the field of cardiology, but what is more significant is that his long standing career in the medical field has allowed him to encounter many patients, and this greatly embodies how he can informatively and appropriately provide the highest quality of care.

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