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Explaining The Adoption Process

New Services Matches Families And Children

A couple in Boca Raton has developed a service for families wishing to adopt. It is a lot like the dating website Eharmony. The name of the service is Family-Match. It connects the hundreds of children looking for families to prospective parents.

It matches families based on common values and interests. Chris Johnson is a pastor who has adopted seven children. Five of the children were adopted as teenagers. He thinks that the Family-Match service is a great idea. Children can find families who love what they love. Both the children and families will have an easier time finding the right matches.

Adoptive families are typically matched based on gender, age and ethnicity. Prospective parents are shown pictures of children who are looking for adoption. Elizabeth Wynter is the executive director of Selfless Love Foundation, which is one of the organizations that helped create Family-Match.

Parents who have been approved for adoption will fill out a questionnaire about their parenting style, interests, expectations and personalities. Foster parents, caseworkers and therapists will fill out similar forms for the children. The children are between the ages of 4 and 17.

This program is available for people who are in the state of Florida. Thea Ramirez is the founder of Adoption-Share, which is another program that helps people match children and families. She felt compelled to do something when she saw a 15-year-old boy named Davion on television begging for someone to adopt him.

Thea knew that there had to be a better way to pair children and families. Davion was adopted in 2015. Ashley and Ed Brown are the couple who helped launch Family-Match. Ashley knows firsthand what it is like for a child to feel unwanted because she was adopted. She stated that she felt compelled to help other people because she had wonderful parents.

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