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New Residential Investment Corp Engagements In Real Estate Investing

Initially, New Residential Investment Corp was running operations as the subsidiary of the well known Newcastle Investment Corp. However, in 2013 it began running the operations independently and was even listed as a publically traded company in New York Stock Exchange. New Residential Investment Corp main office is in New York and it has concentrated its business in investments engagements of mortgage-related assets around the country. Its segments are Services Related Assets, various forms of Mortgage Loans as well as Residential Securities.

In the past years, the residential mortgage loans market has undergone significant transformation and has grown more complex with the rising developments, which are offering New Residential Investment Corp many investment opportunities. The company’s interest is to maximize the returns through its various investments. It has a team of experts who are always working to increase company’s earnings. The company understands its commitment to the shareholders because increased earnings translated to higher dividends. The future is promising and there is hope for more earnings especially because the mortgage market is growing

New Residential Investment Corp has significant investments in Mortgage Servicing Rights. Recently it also added more investments in real estate securities, consumer and corporate loans. It has diversified its investment in consumer loans in owner loans and the unsecured loans. The trust is required to pay corporate income taxes to the federal government, but this can be avoided if they accept to share 90% of the incomes with the investors. Then, it would begin to enjoy the tax benefits provided by the law.

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