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New Adoption Fee Can Make It Hard To Adopt

It is getting harder for families to adopt. The United States Department of State just added a $500 fee to intercountry adoption. The Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and the Council on Accreditation decided to add the fee. They stated that the fee will have a positive long-term effect on children and families.

However, Bethany Christian Services is concerned about the effects that this fee will have. They believe that it will have a negative effect on the children and families who want to adopt. Kris Faase is one of the people who works for Bethany Christian Services. He stated that everyone is concerned about the welfare of the children. They want to make sure that the children will be properly taken care of. They also want to make sure that the children are not being trafficked.

However, Kris is concerned that fewer people will be able to adopt because of the fee. It is already expensive to adopt a child. In fact, it can cost over $40,000 to adopt a child. Many families have to wait years before they can complete their adoption. If someone decides to adopt a child overseas, then this process can take even longer.

Kris stated that everyone who wants to adopt a child from another country has to fill out an application. They also have to make sure that they meet the standards that are set by that country. Intercountry adoptions are on the decline. Millions of children around the world are in need of a home. However, the rising adoption fees are preventing people from adopting children.

Kris encourages people who want to adopt a child to continue with the process. They also encourage people to contact their local senator or representative and express their concern about the fee.

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