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Nathaniel Ru and His Partners Make Sweetgreen a Food Industry Thought Leader

That most companies starting from scratch as legacy restaurants would aspire to be like Sweetgreen is beyond doubt. The reason is that the chain is rapidly expanding, it has loyal customers, and it is backed by big names such as Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer and Steve Case who believe that in today’s world it is important to eat what is fresh, organic and healthy. The long chains of customers at the 40 locations owned by Sweetgreen like the menu and recipe that they get.



The co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the traditional eating established called Nathaniel Ru said that the restaurant stands for something that many people see as meaningful because they are fed with high-quality foods rich in vitamins. He added that part of their DNA has always been technology and that is why they can conduct 30% of business transactions through their websites or mobile apps. The two partners liked technology from the time they were classmates at the Georgetown University. Although the company operates without headquarter, they recently opened an office in Los Angeles and hope to grow their operations nationally although at the moment they are still a bicoastal operation.



One of their winning strategies is to remain close to their customers by completely shutting down their corporate office five times every year so that all of the partners can work in the restaurants they own. The partners do not believe in big corporate offices, but they focus on decentralizing their job. Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru who are the CEOs of the company met and studied entrepreneurship at Georgetown University. They are also all first-generation immigrants, and they come from families that started and succeeded in running their businesses. They decided to open their first restaurant in 2007 when they learned that in Georgetown there were very few hotel places that provided healthy eating options. After making it out through the first winter break when all students had gone on vacation, the trio knew that nothing would prevent them from succeeding.



Sweetgreen is an American restaurant whose management believes in teamwork and sharing responsibilities. The chain of restaurants is casual, and they serve healthy, simple, and seasonal foods. The trio who founded the chain were classmates, and they established the chain just three months after their graduation. The menu is rotational, and it covers three regions where certain dishes are enjoyed in every season. Through its effort at transparency and the supply chain, it has become, and industry thought leader.


Check out Nathaniel Ru on LinkedIn.


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