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MyHeritage’s DNA Quest Helps Adoptees Find Families

For those who are adopted, it can be difficult to uncover information about biological parents. This is very unfortunate, as many people want to talk to their biological families in order to research health histories and discover their ancestral past. However, a new initiative from the DNA company MyHeritage is aiming to bring families back together—for free! This million-dollar project is called DNA Quest, and more than 15,000 free kits will be offered to those who want to find their biological families.

The first phase of DNA Quest’s rollout will be happening in the United States, with the program giving priority to those who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to purchase DNA kits due to financial constraints. With a whopping seven million adoptees living in the United States alone, it seems self-evident that this will become a popular program. An advisory team has been put together in order to help assist with these searches, including some of the top “search angels” in the DNA field, such as a representative from The DNA Detectives.

For those who are either adopted or conceived through the use of donor gametes, DNA tests can now offer assistance when doctors and government officials won’t pick up their phones to answer the burning questions of those who do not know their biological families. However, building mirror trees and searching for whether or not they share X chromosome DNA with someone does not necessarily come naturally to all who are looking. This is where online groups such as The DNA Detectives and DNA for the Donor-Conceived come in, with DNA experts chiming in to help people with their searches. These days, the power of technology is helping more people discover their roots than ever before—and it is easier than ever to see how generous some people can be with their time and resources.

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