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More Single Men Are Opting To Adopt A Child

Most adoptions, about 68%, are made by couples in the United States. Single women comprise about 26% of all adoptions. But when it comes to single males, the number of adoptions has been as low as zero, although there has been a long average held at about 2%.

Recently, however, a study found that 3% of adoptions in America were made by single males – it doesn’t seem like much, but it may be sign of a new trend.

Experts say adoption of a child by a single man has traditionally been a rare event because of just that – tradition. Both men and society, including adoption agencies, have not viewed a man living alone as a suitable arrangement for taking on a child. For one thing, it has been a common belief that a child is safer with a woman, even if she is single and living alone.

But real evidence does not support this. A spokesperson for AdoptUSKids told the New York Times that single men provide homes that are equally safe compared to both that of single females and families with a mother and father. Children that were adopted by single males fared equally well to other children adopted by women or couples.

Another common myth is that families that are wealthy and/or own their own homes tend to provide more stable adoption situations. Again, not true, say experts with the National Adoption Agency.

While more single men seem to be getting interested in becoming single parents, experts warn that it’s a decision that should only be made after a long period of deep reflection. Raising a child without the help of a partner is difficult for any single parent, male or female.

It remains uncertain if single male adoption will continue to trend upward, say social observers.

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