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Missed Connection Leads to Life Changing Adoption

Missed flights can be a pain and a source of frustration but sometimes they can be a blessing in disguise. That’s exactly what happened to Samantha Snipes in September of 2016 when she missed a flight to Raleigh after leaving an unhealthy relationship in Atlanta.


Snipes, who was in her eighth month of pregnancy and close to a delivery date at the time, was a standby passenger after missing her earlier connection to Raleigh. Seated next to her was Temple Phipps, a divorced woman in her 40s from Clayton, N.C. who had never had children but had always dreamt of motherhood. The two became fast friends with Phipps offering her number to Snipes in case she needed any assistance while she was in the city.


A few days later and Snipes delivered a baby boy. She was, however, scared of the situation, and called Phipps to see the child. It was a match at first sight because as soon as Phipps laid eyes on the boy, she knew she would be his mother. A week later, she fulfilled that destiny.


The decision was difficult for Snipes but seeing the joy in both the child and Phipps convinced her that it was the right one to make. After the adoption, Snipes moved to North Carolina in order to be closer. Since then, the three have formed their own unique family and share in many special occasions with each other.


What if Samantha had made her flight or sat in a different seat? What if Temple had her own family? Occurrences like this are few and far between but sometimes the stars align and the best things happen out of pure serendipity.

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