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Minnesota Couple Adopts Children When No One Else Will

Solway, Minnesota is home to 95 people. It is also home to a couple who is known for adopting children that no one else will. Kent and Shantel Dudley believe that it is their duty to help children who are suffering.

The first child that they adopted was a little boy from Florida. They saw him lying on the floor and knew that they could not leave him there. They received several phone calls after that. They eventually ended up adopting five more children. Kent and Shantel have a total of 15 biological and adopted children. One of their elder daughters works as a medical assistant and helps out with the youngest children who have special needs.

Travis is the couple’s oldest adopted child. He is 16 and bed-bound. Some of the couple’s children have feeding tubes. They knew that they were going to have a challenge when someone asked them if they would take in a child with a feeding tube. They knew that they could not say no.

The couple was going to stop adopting after they adopted their fourth child. They received a call about adopting a 5th child, and they turned it down. However, one of their daughters encouraged them to go through with the adoption.

Because most of the children have medical issues, the couple spends a lot of time in the hospital. It is a challenge, but the couple has to constantly remind themselves that it is worth it. They also try to give the children as normal of a childhood as possible. They still go to school and go on field trips. The couple plans to help foster parents get medical training in order to take in special needs kids.

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