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Michel Terpins Continues to Impress in the Brazilian Rally Sport

Michel Terpins is a force to reckon in the Brazilian rally driving space. Michel Terpins races alongside his older brother, Rodrigo Terpins as his navigator. Over time, Michel Terpins has grown to become one of the Brazilian rally drivers to have won in prestigious competitions. He started racing alongside his brother in 2015, and since then they have been racing aboard T-Rex. His car has left him with impressive ranking and landed him numerous prestigious awards.

Michel Terpins has raced numerous Bull Sertoes Rally and T1 Prototype category alongside his brother. They raced together in the recently concluded Sertoes Rally 22nd edition. Michel finished 7th in the Prototype T1 category on the overall competition. They passed through a tough course that required much skills and caution. Unfortunately, the Terpins brother didn’t finish the course. However, they finished 2nd in the just concluded 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally and 5th in the overall competition. The Sertoes Rally 25th edition gives the Terpins brothers an opportunity to showcase their prowess and the power of the T-Rex. It is considered as one of Brazilian toughest courses covering a distance of about 3,300km.

Michel Terpins was first involved in the Sertoes Rally championship in 2002. He began in the motorcycle category before working his way up to the cars category. Over time, Michel Terpins has honed his driving skills. His career evolution has helped him to win numerous Sertoes Rally stages and Prototype T1 category. He has also earned an impressive position in the Brazilian Cross-Country Championship. Michel Terpins is passionate about any competition he participates in and always prepares for the uncertainty considering that every race comes with its unique challenges. That implies that racers are unaware of the future and end of any competition. What inspires Michel Terpins to solder on is his powerful machine, T-Rex. It’s designed with meticulous care to fit rough terrains. Michel has installed a V8 engine to his car to make it suitable for the rocky course. Michel Terpins has also installed a carbon-free seal to reduce carbon dioxide emission. They have also embarked on a tree-planting program to preserve the Atlantic forest environment.

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