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Michael Rotondo Finally Leaves his Parents Home before His Court Ordered Deadline

In May of 2018 Mark and Christina Rotondo went to court to get their grown son removed from their home. His name is Michael Rotondo and he has been living with his parents since 2017. Michael moved back home because he was experiencing some personal difficulties. He lost custody of his son back in 2017 and he had been experiencing some difficult financial problems.

When Michael moved back home, his parents did not want him to be there forever. The Rotondo’s gave their son an eviction notice in April of 2018 telling him that he had one month to leave. In the notice they told him to get a job and to do some things to get his life in order. They also provided him $1,100 to get the process started. He did not move out. That is why they took him to court. Michael believed that he did not have to go. However, a judge told him that he had one month to vacate his parent’s home, otherwise he would be found in contempt. Michael finally left home.

This story was featured in the Business Insider. The post stated that Michael finally moved out from his parent’s home. He packed up his belongings and loaded them up in his station wagon. He then exited their house while reporters looked on. Right-wing radio host Alex Jones gave him some help with moving out. He gifted him with $3,000 toward the move.

Michael’s situation is something that adult children and their parents should take in consideration. This story simply reveals the state of modern America and how difficult it can be for people to get started in life. The Rotondo’s genuinely wanted to help their son but they did not want to enable or support a grown man who was not taking charge of his life. Whether people agree with their actions or not, the Rotondo’s loved their son enough to get them out of their home so he can live his own life.

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