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Michael Burwell’s New Position Taps On His Previous Experience


After Michael Burwell completed his B.A at the Michigan State University, he would begin his career in finance the following year. He would Join Pricewaterhouse coopers one of the biggest professional service firms in the world. It is considered as one of the four biggest audit firms globally. At the time it was still ranked as the most prestigious accounting firm in the world and finding a job with them meant that one had the right skill set to work for the best. Michael Burwell was determined to break the glass ceiling as far as his career went and it did not take long for him to achieve that. In 1997 he became a partner having worked in the audit department for 11 years. For a company that employees more than two hundred thousand people globally this was no mean feat.


The following year he would become the head of PwC’s Detroit transaction business and later PwC’s central U.S. transaction business. This was the beginning of him taking roles that had a national outlook as he was soon appointed as the company’s CFO in charge of the United States followed by Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation. This was a position he held till he left for Willis Towers Watson. That would mark 31 years with PwC and quite a successful thirty-one years.


His move to Willis Towers Watson followed the retirement of Roger Millay. This position needed someone with enough experience not only as an auditor, but also in client advise given the nature of work at Willis Towers Watson. They are a leading global advisory that offers brokerage and other related solutions to clients located in more than 140 countries. This meant that Michael Burwell had to bring his A game. This was however never in doubt as articulated by John Haley who is the current Chief Executive Officer. In his words, while introducing Burwell, he noted that” Mike understands managing, leading and driving results in a complex, global company with a strong focus on clients. I am confident that his expertise in finance, transactions, and transformation is well suited to guide our long-term growth and remaining integration efforts.”


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