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Michael Burwell From Michigan State Willis Towers Watson

The current Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Willis Tower Watson, Michael Burwell has had many professional accomplishments over the course of his career. With a degree in business administration from Michigan State University, Mr. Michael Burwell has been in the path of financial success since he graduated college. Michael Burwell is also a Certified Public Accountant, and feat some say is harder than passing the bar exam. Michael’s success in his field is directly related to his values and beliefs, which is something he attributes to his unique ability to provide solutions.


Michael Burwell understands the most important thing in any field is engaging effectively with the person in order to provide solutions that truly has the intent of solving their problems. It is important to have the ability to truly understand people to allow yourself the chance to help them effectively. Also, a very strong believer in how your attitude can affect the outcome of an intended strategy, Michael stresses to always be positive, while relentlessly working towards a defined goal and celebrate victories no matter how small. As with most businesses networking is essential to success regardless of the industry. With effective relationship building and growing your network, Michael believes these investments over time will pay off in a big way. Click Here to learn more.


There are many things Michael is proud of over his 30 plus years working in the financial industry, but he does highlight two things that are dear to his heart. Mr. Burwell is very proud of his ability to when faced with the problem of cutting cost at the workplace. In most situations, the easiest way to cut cost is to lay off employees. Fortunately, Michael decided people losing their jobs was not an option and was able to cut cost by $500 million by analyzing ways to identify opportunities to consolidate and run things more efficient.


Michael Burwell has enjoyed an impressive professional career. In 1997, he was elected a partner of Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC)’s Detroit transaction business. From the success of Michael’s unwavering work efforts, he was promoted to take over PwC’s central US transaction business. In 2009 he became the CFO and COO for all PwC in the United States Market. By 2012, Michael would become the Vice Chairman of Global and US Transformation.


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