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Meet Jojo Hedaya- The Junk Savior


Emails can be a source of stress for many individuals. Everywhere you go, your phone is always beeping, begging you to attend to your inbox. Ignoring these email notifications leads to a bigger problem. Your inbox becomes cluttered so much so that you can miss important messages. A couple of years ago, two 24 year olds faced this exact problem.

Jojo Hedaya came up with Unroll.me, together with his friend Josh Rosenwald, as a solution to the email junk menace. According to Jojo, their product is due to personal frustration. They noticed that 80% of an email inbox was subscriptions, newsletters, and updates. There was no way to separate important emails from the unwanted stuff, which is why they created Unroll.me.


Jojo Hedaya Backgroun

Jojo Hedaya grew up in New York. It wasn’t until he traveled to Israel for his college education when he met his business partner Josh Rosenwald (another New Yorker). Their friendship began as a suggestion of a Rabbi who noticed they were the only students with Blackberry phones. Later, the union would become stronger after the two realized they shared the same birthdate- 30th December 1989. Go To This Page for more information.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald did not graduate but both dropped out to start their start-up. Initially, the co-founders hesitated to put massive resources in a project they were not sure about. So they first started by putting it (Unroll.me version 1) out there to see how it will fair. It did not do well. Despite this setback, it would be long before Unroll.me featured in The Next Web and Lifehacker, resulting in many sign-ups.


Slice Acquires Unroll.me

Recently, shopping up Slice acquired part of Jojo Hedaya and Josh’s company. Slice helps shoppers track discounts, orders, and packages. Unroll.me helps subscribers declutter email inbox. The two companies joined up after Jojo and his team realized that it was better to join another company, instead of remaining an independent start-up.

The acquisition helps Unroll.me to focus on product/ users and leave business operations to Slice.



Jojo Hedaya joined up with Josh Rosenwald and Perri Gorman to form Unroll.me. The company’s headquarters are in New York. Currently, Perri is no longer a partner in the business. Unroll.me enjoys significant success because of solving a common email problem. Jojo Hedaya is the company’s Executive CEO.


Source Article: https://eventil.com/events/jojo-hedaya-unroll-me


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