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Matthew Fleeger Dexterity in Managing Energy Firms

In the gulf coast region of the United States, many oil and gas wells remain unexplored. The gulf coast western company has partnered with several companies to acquire rights to develop the land. Gulf Coast Western is a managing venture dealing in the exploration of gas and oil fields. This family-owned business was founded in 1970 at Dallas. The main goal of the firm is to gain access to domestic oil and gas reserves located in the coast region. The company looks forward to investing in enterprises that have higher returns and lower risks.

The company has a competent team led by CEO Matthew Fleeger. The president is dedicated to partner with other enterprises to carry out transparent business. The company seeks to enter into partnerships build on mutual trust, integrity, and honesty. To expand and tap the underlying opportunities the company has partnered with two corporations. Matthew Fleeger has initiated a partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration. The partnership allowed Gulf Coast Western Company to acquire nearly all assets owned by the company in Louisiana.

The partnership has allowed Gulf Coast Western LLC to access square miles of land. Together the companies are looking forward to work on 13 producing wells. The partners will also exploit 140 defined drilling locations which are estimated to produce 30 million barrels of oil.

Matthew Fleeger is a celebrated business leader around the globe. He is well known for his expertise in team building, strategic planning, and contract negotiations. Matthew Fleeger has vast experience in managing waste management and oil exploration companies. Before joining the energy industry, Matthew worked in the waste management industry.

He was the CEO of MedSolutions, a waste management company that deals with transportation and disposal of medical waste. Prior to the waste management industry, Matthew served in the tannin industry where he co-founded two enterprises. He helped in the founding of Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan.

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