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Market America’s Miami World Conference

For a nonstop duration of three days, the Market America Miami World Conference will house a sold out crowd over 25,000 entrepreneurs and will be named as one of the largest conferences of the year. Market America Miami boasts of top-notch business seminars, the best techniques for marketing and selling, entrepreneurial guidance and the how-tos of proper networking. A few special celebrity guests will show up to the Market America Miami conference. There will be appearances from basketball pro Scottie Pippen, former veejay La La Anthony and singer Fat Joe. Pippen will help present the “Stay in Your Prime” segment and Fat Joe will take the stage to perform his major hit songs like “Lean Back” as well as “All the Way Up”.


UnFranchise Owners or (UFOs) at the Market America Miami conference will share their success stories on how they have netted millions and what to avoid as a startup company. Market America Miami conference’s master of ceremonies, Co-Founder Loren Ridinger, will share with their 25,000+ guests the unique concept of the company’s shopping annuity. This concept aids shoppers to convert their shopping spree’s into making money, all without a huge upfront investment that is prevalent with typical annuities. The investment the Market America consumers or users will have instead is the all of the earned cashback from their daily purchases. The Market America founders Loren Ridinger and JR Ridinger will discuss an array of topics throughout the days of the conference. These topics and segments will serve as the main highlights.



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