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Mark Mofid the Doctor and Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark Mofid is a phenomenal plastic surgeon located in the La Jolla, Chula Vista, and Del Mar areas of San Diego, California. Mofid received his premed degree at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine. He presents at many conferences within the medical field not only in the United States, but in many international countries and currently has a primary practice set up in San Diego county.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s office offers many different procedures in the area cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery realm. His office serves thousands of patients throughout each year. Some patients seek simple procedures such as laser resurfacing, while other patients may be seeking plastic surgery work that most would consider as being completely reconstructive. In a recent interview, Mofid stated that his office currently offers several options for simple procedures such as hair removal and varicose vein treatments, including the Cutera laser. Dr. Mark Mofid does feel that it is vital to not jump on the bandwagon with new procedures, until the procedures have been proven to be safe and effective.

When it comes to marketing, Mofid has stated that, “the best form of advertising is to do good work.” Dr. Mark Mofid feels that if you do good quality work, that your work will speak for itself. He also feels that taking the time to selectively choose staff is important. Mofid recommends doing a background check on all employees, but also believes in giving even those people with minimal experience a chance. Mofid stated in a recent article that, “there are those who are proverbial diamonds in the rough.”

Dr. Mark Mofid has seemingly created a wonderful and unique aesthetic practice in which one can seek plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that will fit their individual needs. He has combined his medical background with his entrepreneur spirit to create a practice that speaks for his reputation.


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