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Mark Mofid: Revolutionary Plastic Surgeon

Mark Mofid may be the leading expert when it comes to gluteal augmentation. His intensive research as a plastic surgeon has put him in high demand. He is both highly skilled and reputable with years of experience to boot.

A big reason why Mark Mofid is so great at his job is his willingness to use new technology and methods. Hew uses cutting edge technology and equipment to perform minimally invasive procedures, thus patients recover faster.

Mark Mofid has received a lot of attention in the plastic surgery community thanks to his innovative Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant for Implantech. His design is easily beyond any past designed implant because of its natural look. Mark Mofid says he was inspired to create the design after shadowing Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Raul Gonzalez. Gonzalez is believed by many to be the best surgeon for buttocks implants in the world.

Mark Mofid learned so much while training in Brazil. He has brought a lot of the methods and procedures back to the U.S. to provide his patients with the best quality possible. With commitment like his, gluteal augmentation will continue to rise and become more popular.

He also spends much of his time researching ways to make implants safer. For years, gluteal augmentation was often shown in a negative light as issues of medical accidents and malpractice ran rampant in the industry. He is one of the individuals who is changing the narrative. He puts safety above all everything else. He will refuse to do a procedure on a patient if it is not in adherence to medical safety practices. He doesn’t give patients implants that are so large they have a high risk of causing injury.

Mark Mofid has proven time and again that he is one of the brightet minds in the plastic surgery community. he never gets complacent and keeps working to make himself better than the day before.


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