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Marc Beer’s second step turns out to be successful on the road of innovation for Renovia!

Marc Beer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Renovia, the company that specializes in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics. Marc holds more than 25 years of experience in development and commercialization of the biotechnical businesses.


His dedication towards the company and thirst for innovation is unstoppable, and recently it has been proved when Marc Beer gained a funding of $32 million in a series B round, as well as a $10 million venture debt for his startup medical technology company.


Many things have been brought into light regarding the expansion and implementation of the latest program that he plans to bring to life. The focus of this program would be to diagnose and treat women suffering from pelvic floor disorder, and urinary incontinence that affect 250 million women. For the treatment, Marc Beer plans to utilize inventive and proprietor sensory technologies with digital health platforms, that can offer new and vast treatment options.


As a committed and dynamic entrepreneur, Marc Beer brings enthusiastic energy to the organization that he serves, which drives him to serve the approaching customers well and encourage the kind of treatments that are costly but not impossible. As the establishment CEO of the companies that lists on NASDAQ as VIAC, he shaped an intelligent biotechnology company that is able to preserve and develop blood stem cells from umbilical cords. With the relentless efforts of seven years, he molded the company from its initial stage to a commercial enterprise with a swift growth.


With superior leadership skills, Marc Beers makes the organization serve people with rare diseases, and generates maximum possible solutions for them through innovative strategies. He provided many organizations with his outstanding service. The companies mainly include the Abbot Laboratories, Genzyme, Biotechnology Innovation Organization, and many other academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies. Learn more: https://gazetteday.com/2018/10/marc-beer-funding-renovia/


If we talk about his leadership accomplishments, the list would be never ending. He was the member of the audit committee of Minerva Neurosciences, the company that focused on therapeutic options which are helpful for the patients suffering from nervous system diseases. He founded Good Start Genetics, Inc. which is a privately held molecular diagnostic company.


In 1997, he graduated in Bachelor in Science and Business from the Miami University. Since then he has served dozens of organizations with his excellent leadership strategies. His top-notch performance, complex knowledge, and guidance speak for itself. The way he has helped different industries to pursue and unfold the impossible challenges serve as a significant role model. Marc Beer is a truly inspirational figure for the world today. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


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