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Marc Beer – article recap

Marc Beer is a well-known executive in the Medtech industry for taking several companies to success. Beer himself has his own company that he founded to assist with improving women’s health all around the world. The company called Renovia Inc is responsible for treating and diagnosing women that are faced with pelvic disorders, e.g., urinary inconsistence. Marc Beer is well experienced having worked in this industry for 25 years. At Renovia Inc, Marc Beer acts as the chief executive officer overseeing all the operations in the company. This is not Marc Beer’s first job as a CEO as he also worked at Viacell in the year 2000 as their CEO. Viacell interests were in the collection, development, and preservation of stem cells and Marc Beer lead the company skillfully till it soared. The Viacell company become so great that it had three hundred employees under its name. Renovia Inc is not the only company that Marc Beer has founded as he has founded other businesses that have also succeeded. 


Marc Beer has always wanted to help women with urinary inconsistence, and this is why he established Renovia Inc. At Renovia Inc, women are provided with devices for diagnosis and therapy. These devices are made with the latest technology to ensure that women can lead a normal life with these disorders. Renovia Inc also puts a lot of money into creating and finding new devices that can be of help to the patients. Marc Beer recently raised a total of $42million to help in improving the health of women. The money was put to fund Series B which is responsible for financing any developments in the world of pelvic floor disorders. This money will be used by Renovia Inc to clear of any type of venture debt and to also launch new products, develop new products and conduct effective trials. The financing of this new venture was also attended by other leading Medtech organizations such as Longwood Fund, OSF ventures, and Inova Strategic Ventures. Learn more: https://people.equilar.com/bio/marc-beer-aegerion-pharmaceuticals-/salary/78453


All the organizations that participated in the financing share the same passion with Renova Inc which is to create better treatment options that allow females with pelvic disorders conduct normal lives. During the financing, Marc Beer thanked those that attended for their support as it was important and it would help millions of females in the world find treatment. Marc Beer was also thankful because all the companies that attended would combine their technologies and create scientific data that would greatly benefit their customers. The scientific data will not only educate people about these disorders, but it will also instill in them knowledge of the diagnosis and the treatment options that are available. This will, therefore, assist everyone.


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