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Malcolm CasSelle Still Making Waves in the Gaming Industry

When it comes to the global bitcoin market, you have to notice OPSkins because it is the leading bitcoin merchant in the world, with Malcolm CasSelle as the CIO. It has gained worldwide followers who make cross-border micropayments, making it a prime candidate when it comes to market size and user demand for the decentralized protocol. However, there are limits to the centralized technology with regard to the tech capabilities, which makes the decentralized marketplace virtual assets the nest possible progression step.

The World Wide Asset eXchange (WAX) is the next new blockchain that the OPSkin creators intend to launch, which a virtual asset is trading. WAX, as it is being referred is a P2P platform for virtual assets trading and anchors on the foundation of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts that enable efficient trade of virtual assets between buyers and sellers.

WAX trade is expected to unite the fragmented market through blockchain, and it will create a friction-free market that allows both the buyers and consumers to sell their products in a fraud-free setting. It is also going to deal with the fraud associated with the virtual asset market. It will also eliminate intermediaries within the market to ensure that goods are delivered and that buyers and sellers meet their promises devoid of a third party.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is currently serving as the president of WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) and the CIO of OPSkins, which is the leading marketplace for buying and selling of online video game items. Malcolm has previously served as the president and CTO at Tronc where he oversaw rapid growth properties that leverage digital assets. He joined Seachange International as the SVP and GM of Digital Media after the firm acquired his company, Timeline Labs, where he was the chief executive officer.

Malcolm CasSelle attended MIT for his bachelor’s degree and proceeded to Stanford University for his Master’s degree in Computer Science. He was the director at Capital Union Investment, which is a Hong Kong-based firm. He was responsible for managing private direct investments into late-stage web companies. Malcolm speaks Japanese and Mandarin.

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