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Madison Street Capital’s Achievements

Madison Street Capital is an organization that deals with investment banking. The company’s main offices are located in Chicago where they offer comprehensive financial services. Moreover, Madison Street Capital has a long history of having complexly structured contracts, formulation of exit strategies, and ability to match between buyers and sellers. Therefore, the firm specializes in such areas as mergers and acquisition, services in bankruptcy-related issues, corporate governance, tax compliance and offering advice about private placement.

Madison Street Capital has other offices in Oregon, India, and Ghana, therefore enabling to have a global approach in discharging services related to corporate finance. The company has a highly experienced staff and executives who utilize their deep relations, knowledge, and analytical skills to execute the various transactions. The main issues that the firm deals with include financial reporting, business valuation, asset management and price allocation. Other than the mentioned services, the firm also has a division which focuses on wealth preservation and tax planning. Madison Street Capital is focused on serving the needs of investment banking in the middle market. The institution has earned an extraordinary reputation in the financial sector due its expertise, experience, and integrity.

Recently, Madison Street Capital merged with the Spitfire Group to serve as the only advisor to DCG Software Value, a company that deals with software analytics. DCG Software Value is a leading company in the provision of services such as software estimation, value management, and project support services. DCG Software Value was founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in Pennsylvania. The merging of Madison Street capital with the Spitfire Group is expected to boost the value of the two firms. The Spitfire Group embraces a cutting-edge technology aimed at helping businesses to address the challenges they face in areas like technology architecture, project management and custom development of projects. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/madison-street-capita

Madison Street Capital triumphed by earning many honors in the annual M&A Advisor Awards that aims at recognizing firms with distinguished achievements in corporate financing. Also, the company achieved victory through coordination of ARES Security Corporation’s minority equity and its low debt investment. The company also enhanced its reputation through offering advisory services to WLR Automotive Group in a transaction that involved selling and leasing back valued at $13.2 million. Every year, major companies in corporate finance seek Madison Street Capitals’ services.The firm served solely as a financial advisor through coordination of a credit line on behalf of Maintenance Systems Management, a company that provides services in contract custodial, janitorial and maintenance.

The primary focus for Madison Street Capital is to build healthy businesses across the globe. Therefore, it is dedicated to the needs of its principal clients and provision of philanthropic activities to various organizations. Moreover, the firm has a team of highly experienced professionals making it a leader in investment banking industry. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/madisonstreetcapitaladvisors/


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