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Louis Chenevert’s Tenacious and Resilient Efforts Lead Him Down a Great Journey

Louis Chenevert is a native of northern Canada, stemming from Montreal, Quebec. He went to college at HEC Montreal and earned a bachelors’ degree in production management. He enjoyed working at General Motors in his younger years before deciding to join Pratt and Whitney Canada as a production manager in 1993.

He would go on to become the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies. One of Chenevert’s beliefs in life is that it’s not about where you start, but how you finish, and this is a fundamental principal that he applied to his very own life. He enjoyed success as an entrepreneur by following his instincts and it led him down a path that would eventually surpass all of the things that he had hoped to achieve in his life. There was no ‘lucky break’ for Chenevert either, he worked for everything that he had, and it showed in his work ethic and personality.

Once Chenevert became apart of the aerospace industry with Pratt and Whitney, his job was to create small scaled aircraft engine and fan-disks for smaller planes. He eventually became the executive vice president and managed to cut costs upwards of ten percent for the company. Many of the reasons he was able to do this stemmed from his accomplishments in regards to his education. He also managed to cut production times in half, allowing the company produce more than two times as much in the same time frame.

The big news came in 1999 for Chenevert when he officially became the President of Pratt and Whitney. He managed to turn around a struggling company into a prosperous and thriving brand, by allowing new technologies to aid in the production of parts, as well as creating an efficient work space. Chenevert’s work efforts set a great example as to why characteristics similar to that of his, can pay off and lead to a brighter future than one could have imagined.


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