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Lime Crime Throw Back: Polly Pocket Nostalgia

Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand, is known for their colorful palettes and makeup that lets people express themselves unapologetically. The well-known brand is pushing it one step further by releasing a throw back palette guaranteed to create nostalgia. Polly Pocket grabbed the attention of everyone with their colorful and stylish outfits and accessories. Small enough to fit in a packet, the dolls were perfect for bringing everywhere. The new Polly Pocket inspired palettes, called Pocket Candy Palettes by Lime Crime are the perfect way to honor the once popular brand, complete with pastel colors and the iconic font.

This new collection is complete with palettes that are small enough to fit in your pocket. Don’t let the size fool you, each palette is packed with drama and kept in a quality compact with a mirror. Each palette comes with 5 unique shades, each fitting the reminiscent theme.

Choose from the Pink Lemonade, in a sunshine-yellow compact, Sugar Plum, in a baby blue compact, or the Bubblegum pallet, in poppy pink. The palettes are filled with brights and almost-neutrals to create a look that grabs attention and will have everyone asking about the iconic pieces. Each have a unique look, but keep the same well-known vibe as Polly Pocket.

The Pocket Candy Palettes dropped September 26th on Lime Crime’s website and other partner sites. You can play all day with the 90’s inspired looks by grabbing your own for $34. Grab all three to complete the look for $90.

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