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Lime Crime & Its Pursuit To Greatness

Expansion is a big part of doing business, especially if the company has become a huge success. Yes, you can continue to serve your demographic and market, but there is plenty of untapped potential for growth in other regions. This notion just so happens to be the dilemma for what Lime Crime is facing. The company already has a huge audience here in the states, but if it wants to expand, the company will have to reach out across the globe. China has one of the biggest fashion markets on earth, but it is also the biggest counterfeit market. This has become a problem for all popular brands because consumers are purchasing replicas of lesser-quality.

Lime Crime decided to team up with another e-commerce company to get over the hump. When doing business in foreign markets, there are a number of issues that can arise. This includes taxes, managing duties, transportation logistics and customer inquiries. On top of that, there is a specific mandate that’s in effect for shipping cosmetics into China, which goes against Lime Crime’s policy. For wholesale shipping, the mandate states that any cosmetics that are being sold at wholesale-rates must be tested on animals. Since Lime Crime is certified vegan, this idea isn’t plausible. To by-pass this annoyance, Lime Crime partnered with Resolve, which is a Los Angeles e-commerce company. Resolve already had similar goals in mind and this combination helped to launch Lime Crime in China.

China just so happens to be the “knock-off” capital of the world and Lime Crime hasn’t been spared. Kim Walls, the company’s global general manager, stated that “over a million of the brand’s popular lip-topper had already been counterfeited.” With this mind, the dynamic duo had to do a bit of damage control via marketing. Lime Crime used Resolve’s immense e-commerce hub to bring in potential customers. This hub proved that this is the official products of the official brand and that anything else was surely a fake. Hopefully, Lime Crime’s approach will payoff in dividends as well as repeat customers.

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