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Lime Crime Discovers How to Sell in China

When any company expands into another country, they must learn the shipping rules, the duties and taxes on the product they sell and the consumer protection laws that the country has in place. Lime Crime had to evaluate all of those things and more before expanding into China. In addition to the governments rules and regulations, they also had to contend with Chinese counterfeiters who had sold more than a million dollars worth of fake Lime Crime products last year.

Now their global general manager had to map out a distribution plan that could get Lime Crime products into the hands of the excited and clamoring Chinese consumer. The Chinese woman was already familiar with Lime Crime and they already had a loyal following in China. All they needed to do was generate some excitement and get everyone ready for the availability to obtain Lime Crime through a legitimate resource.

It wasn’t feasible to sell Lime Crime through any Chinese retailers, because cosmetics sold in China had to be tested on animals and that’s a no-no at Lime Crime. Their products are strictly vegan, so there would be no animals harmed to produce any product on the Lime Crime line. Consequently, the only way for a Chinese woman to own a Lime Crime product was for her to buy it directly from the maker.

Lime Crime simply was able to handle the logistic intricacies of the Chinese market either. They decided to bypass all of that with their partnership with an ecommerce retailer called Revolve. They were expanding into beauty products, so working with Lime Crime was a great fit. It was timely meager for both parties.

They proceeded to market the upcoming availability of Lime Crime through Revolve by spreading the news to their prolific and very popular influencers. These girls immediately told everyone, Lime Crime was available through one resource, Revolve. The diehard fan was quick to respond by placing their direct orders and Chinese sales were off to an excellent start.

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